Cloud BI: 3 Ways it Can Boost Your Business’s Bottom Line

  • Ed Thompson, CTO
  • December 9, 2013

Cloud-BI-3-Ways-it-Can-Boost-Your-Business-Bottom-Line-MatillionThese days, it’s generally accepted that Business Intelligence can transform a company’s performance. What’s less well understood is how Cloud BI raises the bar on that enhanced performance. In short, traditional Business Intelligence delivers—but Cloud BI delivers more.

How? By providing the same mix of analytics, reports, and dashboards that traditional Business Intelligence provides, but providing them faster, providing them more flexibly, and providing them at a lower cost.

In other words, Cloud BI delivers more, and delivers it more cheaply. Which means that in any like-for-like comparison, Cloud BI also delivers a greater ROI than traditional Business Intelligence.

Let’s look at how.

Cloud BI: a lower acquisition cost

For some of our customers, Cloud BI from Matillion has provided a welcome alternative to the heavy upfront costs of traditional Business Intelligence.

There are no software licences to buy. No new and more powerful server to buy. No data warehouse to buy and build. No consultants to pay. Just a single, affordable monthly subscription.

And all the heavy lifting—analytics, data transformation, processing, and reporting—is carried out in the Cloud, on fast, scalable, high-powered servers. For that same, single, affordable subscription.

Cloud BI: a faster time-to-benefit

As well as the high upfront costs of traditional Business Intelligence, businesses must wait for it to deliver. That’s a wait of anything between twelve months to two years.

Many of Matillion’s Cloud BI customers, on the other hand, go live in four to six weeks. Let’s repeat that: four to six weeks, versus twelve months to two years.

And, to drive the point home, that enhanced implementation timescale, as we’ve seen, comes at a lower upfront cost.

So the benefits of Cloud BI that are flowing through to the bottom line are flowing there sooner, and more quickly.

With Cloud BI delivering ROI with a head start of up to two years, traditional Business Intelligence hasn’t a chance of catching up.

Cloud BI: Self-Serve Reporting

The traditional approach to Business Intelligence isn’t just expensive to acquire, it’s also expensive to operate. Specifically, businesses often find that they need highly-trained analysts on hand to write the various reports and analyses that are delivered to end users.

And, of course, those highly-trained analysts don’t come cheaply.

Cloud BI, Matillion-style, re-writes the rules. Because Matillion offers Self-Serve Reporting, allowing users to create their own reports without possessing technical skills.

Using pull-down menus and clickable column headers, they can create powerful reports that drill-down into what’s going on in your business—and then easily share those reports with colleagues, teams, customers, or suppliers.

The result: powerful reporting and analytics, but at a lower cost. A lower cost, of course, that feeds straight into your bottom line.

Cloud BI: adding it all up

Roll it all together, and a compelling picture of Cloud BI emerges.

A lower cost of acquisition, and lower operating cost, and a faster time-to-benefit.

Cloud BI: it’s the future.

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