A Night At The Oscars: What Showbiz Tells Us About Cloud BI

  • Ed Thompson, CTO
  • March 24, 2014

What The Oscars Tells Us About Cloud BIOne of the most anticipated nights on any Hollywood star’s calendar, the 86th Academy Awards, hit us like a storm so we have compiled a list of things that the night can teach us about Cloud BI.

1. Data handling

The picture that brought down Twitter. Ellen DeGeneres’ selfie, taken by Bradley Cooper, and including stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Kevin Spacey, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts and Jared Leto brought down Twitter because of the huge amounts of RTs and mentions it generated, becoming the most shared picture on the platform. People were left with the error message when trying to refresh their screens.

Cloud BI is capable of handling such data easily and can help businesses accessing that data without bringing a system down.

2. The red carpet

One of the biggest moments of the night. Photographers queue to get snaps of stars dressed up to the nines in order for them to be rated globally on how they looked. Quite often the winners are the stars who dress simply and elegantly. Dashboards in Cloud BI can be quite similar. The easier to the eye, the more pleasing and useful they are.

3.Small can be big

When actress Lupita Nyong’o took home the Best Supporting Actress Oscar, many were surprised as she was not a household name. Definitely deserved for her role in 12 Years a Slave, she stole the limelight from Julia Roberts and Jennifer Lawrence. This is something Cloud BI has been doing for a few years now. Cloud BI providers like Matillion have been taking marketshare from the likes of IBM and SAP and providing a more cost-effective approach to a Business Intelligence Solution.

4.Self-Service pizza

When host Ellen DeGeneres got a pizza delivered and fed the front row stars, they happily self-served themselves and were so delighted, the delivery person ended up with a $1,000 tip! Similar to Self-Service BI, where users often end up delighted and want more and more. Just as most do when reaching for that second slice of a double pepperoni.

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