The 5 Videos Which Will Make A Cloud BI Expert Of You

  • Ed Thompson, CTO
  • February 15, 2014

cloud bi 5 videos that will make you an expertWant to know more about Cloud BI? Take a look at these great videos and you can become an expert in no time at all.

Here at Matillion we have searched the internet and found five of the best videos to help you understand more about Cloud BI and the benefits it can bring to your business.

These videos – and their purpose – are listed below.

1. Big Data

Everyone’s talking about Big Data right now but what exactly is it?

This TED video by Tim Smith discusses how Big Data is nothing new. He uses the example of CERN and discusses how scientists there have adapted the way in which they collect and share their findings. The way this information is shared was affected massively by the rise of the internet –and, more recently, by the advances in Cloud Computing which have allowed CERN physicists to access research remotely, anywhere in the world. The benefits explored in this video help to shed light on possible applications for Cloud technology in the Business Intelligence industry.

2. Wayne Eckerson talks BI

In this video Wayne Eckerson (@weckerson), an expert on Business Intelligence and technology, discusses the role of agile Business Intelligence.

He looks at how it can help companies to make optimal decisions which may ultimately determine whether or not they are successful. Eckerson uses the particular example of internet gaming company Zynga who use Business Intelligence in order to analyse how they can improve customer retention.

3. How companies can use data

To highlight how big companies can use data to their advantage, we found this clip from a Fox News report on analytics and shopping behaviour. The report explains how discount retailer Target was able to determine that a teenage girl was pregnant before she had even had chance to tell her own father.

The company was able to collect information relating to her purchases through a loyalty card scheme and was then able to send her relevant coupons and offers based on those past purchases.
This is an extreme case and opens up debates surrounding privacy.

However, it does serve to highlight the huge potential that businesses can exploit from collecting this kind of data.

4. Business Intelligence in the Cloud

This video discusses how Cloud BI is a hot topic for CIOs right now.

A varied panel of Business Intelligence experts explore some of the major factors that CIOs should consider when deciding whether or not to adopt this technology. The main crux of the argument suggests that Cloud BI is more of a long- term investment, particularly for small and mid-size companies who wish to increase the value they generate from Business Intelligence tools.

5. Cloud Business Intelligence and Self-Serve Reporting

Excited by what you’ve seen so far?

Why not take a look at our fantastic explainer video which looks further into the benefits of Cloud BI.

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