Cloud BI – Business Intelligence Systems for 2013 and Beyond

  • Ed Thompson, CTO
  • August 29, 2013

Cloud BI Business Intelligence Systems for 2013 BeyondThe term ‘cloud’ often brings mixed feelings to a group of people. However this shouldn’t be, especially with Cloud BI.

The uncertainty that some people think lies around with it is quite regularly myth and there are a number of blogs that talk about the evolutionary change that the cloud can bring to a business.

This article begs the question whether the cloud will soon be pervasive in businesses and answers, “No longer is it a question of “if” they should turn to the cloud, rather the questions are now a matter of when and which areas of the business would you like to see impacted first.”

Additionally, a quick search brings up this blog which says “It’s absolutely crucial that CIOs have some kind of cloud strategy in place.”

When adopting Cloud BI there are several benefits that a business can gain when choosing over an on premise solution which we will demonstrate in this post.

Firstly, it is worth pointing out that that ROI on Business intelligence can be massive as this story on Information Management states. However, they do also mention that “a BI solution may not save more money right away compared to your current solution since you have to spend money for new hardware, software, training, etc.” This is not the case with Cloud BI as the cost and risk associated are a fraction of that with traditional business intelligence systems.

To add to this, a recent Computer Weekly post mentioned “Three long-standing issues have created barriers to business users taking ownership of BI: accessibility, cost and speed.” Again these are three areas that Cloud BI can overcome.

With the BI tool being delivered over the cloud the accessibility is increased and users can get at the information they need wherever they are whenever. The cost is also reduced due to the tool being deliver over the cloud and speed is usually faster as most Cloud BI tools, such as Matillion, can deliver a fully functional reporting system in weeks not months.

Because of this, more businesses can now exploit the benefits of business intelligence systems through Cloud BI. This article states, “Of SMBs that deployed analytics and BI solutions over the past two years, 31% SMBs chose to deploy a cloud-based solution. Looking ahead, 53% of SMBs planning to deploy an analytics solutions believe they will select a cloud offering.”

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