Cloud BI – A Review

  • Ed Thompson, CTO
  • August 20, 2013

Cloud BI can provide various benefitsCloud BI Review to a business and because of that it is picking up much interest in the IT industry.

As many know, cloud computing is becoming a successful option for a growing number of organisations as pointed out in this article. When the cloud applied to business intelligence it can open up the availability of data and insights allowing decision making to be improved upon. For example, Cloud BI can give a sales manager key information just before a business meeting or even impress the same client by answering a question by creating a report for them during the same meeting.

Cloud BI is also growing at a rate faster than the overall market. This report states “The cloud is seeing some significant growth when put head to head with other business intelligence market segments,” proving that it is being considered as a serious alternative to the traditional business intelligence that has generated mixed reviews for decades.

Enterprise Apps Today says that “The main drivers behind the rise of embedded BI include end-user demand for broadly available analytics.” With the end user demanding better data and analytics Cloud BI can help as it presents business users the information they need anytime and anywhere – of course dependant on internet or 3G connection.

Additionally, Cloud BI has synergies when it comes to the implementation of business intelligence software. This report says “The bulk of the effort, time and cost in BI is incurred in gathering, integrating, organizing, modelling and defining the data to be used by the BI tool as they touch multiple business processes, merge data from separate operational systems potentially housed in disparate geographical locations, and integrate several business concepts.” Some business intelligence vendors have technology in place (such as Matillion’s Data Accelerator) to reduce this effort and speed up the total implementation time.

There are many blogs that ask the question ‘What are the advantages of Cloud BI?’ This article on Forbes tackles it directly and answers “the ability to scale quickly to large numbers of users, and get access to analysis within minutes, rather than the weeks it takes IT departments or power users to set up inquiries and reports.”

So ultimately Cloud BI can bring a business user access to the insights they need without the effort involved in many other methods in a faster and easier approach.

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