Cloud BI – The Time to Act is Now

  • Ed Thompson, CTO
  • November 26, 2013

Cloud-BI-The-Time-to-Act-is-NowBusiness intelligence systems have changed. It is no longer a tool only for market leaders. It is now a tool easily accessible for small and medium sized business and the key to this is the advent of Cloud BI. Companies from all industries are taking note of this and Cloud BI is being adopted more and more businesses. If you want to get ahead of the game the time to act is now.

Cloud BI – Using Innovation

The cloud is one of the many innovations rocking the IT industry right now and when reflected to the business intelligence industry, Cloud BI is really changing how it is available and what companies can benefit from it. Up until recently only market leaders could afford business intelligence, a view that is discussed by Joe Mckendrick in a recent Forbes article, “It requires a lot of servers and storage racks — something only the big guys could afford. Until now, that is. The cloud is bringing these capabilities to organizations that either couldn’t afford or simply didn’t want to spend the money on analytics.”

Cloud BI is much more affordable and so, is now a more viable option for small to mid sized organisations meaning a whole host of companies can reap the rewards of business intelligence systems for the first time.

Cloud BI – Better and Faster Decision Making

Now that small and medium sized businesses can have access to business intelligence through Cloud BI it has enabled them to make better and faster decisions. Previously in many businesses it could take weeks or even months for reports to be compiled to make decisions across an organisation and even then they were not always 100% reliable. Sure the CEO can get what he needs quickly but what about Joe in the procurement department or Dave the sales manager?

Cloud BI changes all that. Decisions can be made far faster than before and sometimes even faster than large businesses who have been using business intelligence systems for years. This is down to the closeness of the owners and executives to the rest of the company and the customers and more agile methods being used with Cloud BI tools. “Smaller enterprises are, by definition, more efficient and can focus externally – enabling them to take market share from larger players.” says Howard Dresner, chief research officer at Dresner Advisory Services.


Cloud BI – Time to Act is Now

With Cloud BI making these capabilities accessible to small and medium sized organisations, it is only those who adopt it who can gain a great advantage over their main competitors and market leaders. More and more businesses are waking up to Cloud BI and recent stats show 50% of potential analytics customers are considering using it in 2014. The true winners of the Cloud BI revolution will be the early adopters who gain a larger advantage over competitors who delay, so why wait?


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