Cloud mobile BI: the power of BI, where it’s needed.

  • Richard Thelwell
  • November 28, 2014

Business Intelligence is fast becoming an enterprise IT ‘must have’. But many businesses—especially small and medium-sized ones—face two challenges. One, they’re late to the game, and are playing catch-up. Two, they don’t want yet another deskbound solution that no one will look at. To the rescue: Cloud mobile BI.

Why? Several reasons. First, Cloud mobile BI—as the name suggests—leverages the cloud, delivering a BI solution more quickly, and at a lower cost. Second, Cloud mobile BI puts the power of BI where it needs to be: with employees and managers, wherever they happen to be. And third, Cloud mobile BI costs less than traditional on-premise BI, and is implemented more quickly.

Let’s take a look at each of these, and see how Cloud mobile BI helps small and medium-sized businesses to play catch-up.

Cloud mobile BI: leveraging the cloud is a better solution.

Compared to an on-premise solution, Cloud BI—and of course Cloud mobile BI—is a technically superior solution.
Forget running reports and queries against your business’s ERP database, which can slow transactions such as order entry to a crawl. Instead, cloud BI solutions—and Cloud mobile BI solutions—first of all build a data warehouse in the cloud, and then run reports and queries against that.

The result? Reports and queries are run in the cloud, against the data warehouse, and don’t impact local server capacity and computing resources at all.

Better still, Cloud BI can mean an end to waiting for the IT function to write reports and queries. Because with cloud BI and a data warehouse, users can ‘self-serve’ their own reports and queries, using ‘point and click’ tools. So too, of course, with Cloud mobile BI.

Cloud mobile BI: Information at your fingertips.

As we all know, in today’s business world, people spend less and less time at their desks.

So serving BI reports and dashboards to their desktops isn’t necessarily going to be the best way of capturing the benefits of cloud BI.

cloud mobile bi information
Cloud mobile BI brings information to your fingertips

More philosophically, perhaps, their desktops aren’t where the problems are, either. They’re in the warehouse, or on the factory floor, or out there in the detail of the day-to-day activities of the salesforce.

Which is where your Business Intelligence solution needs to be. And which, with Cloud mobile BI, is where it will be.

Worried about what mobile device to choose? iPad or laptop? Smartphone or tablet? iOS, Windows, or Android?

Don’t be. The vast majority of Cloud mobile BI solutions are device agnostic. So simply let employees use their existing mobile devices, if that suits.

Cloud mobile BI: better—but faster and cheaper, too.

So let’s summarise the situation. Cloud BI is a technically superior solution, running against a data warehouse—and not an ERP system’s own database—and one that also permits self-serve reporting.

And Cloud mobile BI extends the power of BI out to where managers actually manage. Which isn’t at their desktops.

And now for the really, really good news. All of this is quicker to implement than a traditional on-premise solution, and cheaper to acquire.

How so? Well, there’s no extra software licenses to buy in respect of data warehouse technology or data extraction tools. No extra hardware to buy, and no need to recruit extra IT staff.

In fact, with Matillion Cloud mobile BI, the only upfront expenditure is a one off fixed-price setup fee, which delivers a full enterprise-class Cloud BI solution, paid for on a monthly subscription basis, with no further hardware or software required.

And implementation time? Well, a typical implementation of Matillion BI can take as little as four to eight weeks elapsed, from signed order to users being trained.

Cloud mobile BI: the bottom line.

Roll it all together, and it’s not difficult to make the case for Cloud mobile BI. Better still, a move to Cloud mobile BI doesn’t preclude conventional BI-to-the-desktop, either. So you’re getting the best of both worlds.

And more to the point, perhaps, compared to those larger corporates that were early adopters of traditional on-premise BI, you’re no longer playing catch-up. Because with Cloud mobile BI, you’re way in front.

In short, with Cloud mobile BI, what’s not to like?

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