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Combat Connector Anxiety with Our Matillion Academy Course: Universal Connectivity



An ever-increasing number of data sources presents a huge challenge to enterprises working to integrate that data into their operations for analytics, machine learning, AI, and more. And not every data architecture is equipped to handle diverse, distributed data. According to IDC, two thirds of organizations are integrating up to three different types of data, many up to four, five, or six. Integrating and connecting these data types requires a flexible, scalable solution that can ingest data and transform it into fuel for useful insights.


Universal Connectivity is the  answer to the question every data team asks at some point: “Do you have a connector for that?” Universal Connectivity lets you bring in data from any REST API to your cloud data platform via Matillion.


Quick, easy connectors for data integration at scale


Universal Connectivity brings together disparate data sources inside of your organization so you can make your data useful and drive your business forward. The benefits of our easy-to-use framework include:

  • Accessiblity: The step-by-step, wizard-driven process requires no coding skills
  • Cost-Effectiveness: It’s quick and easy to build and maintain custom data connectivity
  • Flexiblity: You can expand data reach on your terms to support a growing data ecosystem
  • Future Proofing:  No need to wait for vendor updates – take advantage of a growing library of shared community data connectors or build your own


Create custom data connectors in minutes – no coding skills necessary. The Universal Connector will set you free to leverage virtually any data source you need for modern analytics–SaaS, legacy, or homegrown–and empower your whole team to create shared, secure, connected datasets.


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This course will demonstrate how to create your connectors through a series of tutorials, including:

  • Creating an extract profile and setting up an endpoint
  • Authorization and authentication
  • Working with extra parameters
  • Messaging
  • and Paging


Unleash the data inside your organization today!


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