Could You Improve Sales Analysis With This Simple Step?

  • Ed Thompson, CTO
  • November 7, 2013

Could-You-Improve-Sales-Analysis-With-This-Simple-TipThere are many areas of a business that can benefit from sales analysis. Whether it be the finance team to understand the profitability of each and every department and product or even the manufacturing team to understand their inventory and open orders so they know what is needed for their pipeline or more obviously the sales team to understand how they can boost sales.

The question however, is how can a business get sales analysis easily and freely across their organisation in a safe and secure way? Many will answer with excel, but the dangers of excel have been well reported with costly sales analysis errors and when put in the hands of an untrained business user, mistakes are easily made.

The real answer is with business intelligence. Through business intelligence systems and executive dashboards sales analysis and other forms of analytics can be successfully deployed across an organisation and reap the rewards and this has not gone unnoticed.

As reported by TechRepublic, nearly 9 out of 10 finance executives believe business intelligence systems will “transform the way business is done over the next four years.” This is due to the change in how these tools are used and by who, which opens up the argument for self-service BI for sales analysis.

@jeffreyfkelly argues in SiliconAngle that self-service BI is the way forward when considering a business intelligence strategy.  “The only way to truly extend business intelligence and analytics to business users is to make business intelligence applications self-service. The tools themselves must be more intuitive and include both analytic and data integration capabilities that business users can master with a little training.”

Business intelligence tools have been widely documented to not be user friendly in the past and how IT and finance staff have spent days and weeks compiling reports. With self-service BI it takes most of that pain away and allows a business user to get at what they need quickly and easily

It is important that for sales analysis to work successfully in an organisation it needs to be adopted by most and self-service BI is an option.

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