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Data Clymer and Ticketmaster Work Together to Boost Analytic Capabilities (Partner Guest Blog)



Heading out to a concert or a ballgame is the last thing on most of our minds right now. But organizations in the sports and entertainment industry aren’t going dark during the pandemic. They are still looking at customer data, analyzing it, and looking to activate it to create exceptional experiences for attendees. Companies like Data Clymer, Matillion, and Snowflake are working with them to release that data from silos and unlock its full value to the business. So that when the time comes to fill the stands again, the experience will be worth it.


Read on to hear about our partner, Data Clymer, their exciting partnership with Ticketmaster, and the great things they’re doing with data together. This blog post originally appeared on Data Clymer’s blog. 


Data Clymer partners with Ticketmaster


Data Clymer is proud to announce our partnership with Ticketmaster. With this new partnership, we’re empowered to work with any Ticketmaster customer who is wanting to improve their analytic capabilities–especially following the lull in ticket sales following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This partnership comes at an inflection point for Data Clymer.. We’re noticing a trend with professional  sports franchises where teams are demanding more flexibility with their data and analytic systems. Not surprisingly, the problem is with the current “black-box” customer data platforms being used. Creating bottlenecks for organizations–such as information stuck in data silos, slow time to insights, and the inability to add customizations–all leads to a poor customer experience.

It doesn’t have to be this way


The rise of scalable, cost-effective cloud technologies means we’re able to seamlessly centralize data and create a 360-degree view of our clients’ businesses. This is especially true sports and entertainment franchises.

It starts with a “white-box” cloud data and analytics solution consisting of Snowflake, Matillion ETL, and Melissa Data. This fully customizable data stack gives organizations the flexibility to adapt to their business demands. For example, we have helped numerous Major League Baseball teams reduce duplicate fan records by 15 percent while boosting their analytic speeds by 50 percent. These gains were all made possible by designing a solution architecture that syncs with their business needs. You can read about our case study here.

With stadiums filling their seats with the influx of ticketing sales predicted to occur post-COVID, our Ticketmaster partnership becomes even more important.

How can your data help you have a winning season?


See how you can unlock the power of your data and put it to work to drive better insights and outcomes, faster, with the help of Matillion and a trusted partner like Data Clymer. Request a demo or talk to our partner team about a partner consultation. 


About the author

Brian Barrow works in business development at Data Clymer.