Compelling Logic Of SaaS Business Intelligence

  • Richard Thelwell
  • April 9, 2015

SaaS business intelligence data driven decision makingSometimes, great businesses are built on great ideas, and great designs. Think of Apple, for instance. But more often, great businesses are built on great execution: business success through careful planning and sound data-driven decision-making. Think America’s GE, for instance.

But for ordinary mid-sized businesses, the challenge lies in emulating this careful planning and sound data-driven decision-making. To the rescue: SaaS Business Intelligence.

And that’s because SaaS Business Intelligence levels the playing field—providing these ordinary mid-sized businesses with the kind of data-driven decision-making capabilities that corporate giants take for granted.

In other words, SaaS Business Intelligence pulls together data and reports on it in a timely and accessible manner, in formats geared to maximise its interpretability and analysis.

So how, exactly, does SaaS Business Intelligence do this? Read on.

SaaS Business Intelligence: a cross-business data warehouse.

The first step in data-driven decision-making is to pull together all the organisation’s data into a single data warehouse, so as to be able to run analytics on it in a timely manner.

SaaS Business Intelligence typically uses remote servers to do this, building so-called ‘extract, transform and load’ links to those remote servers from your own systems.

saas business intelligence data warehouse

And that’s ‘systems’ in the plural—not just a finance or ERP system, but every system in the business. Even Cloud-based niche line-of-business systems such as Manufacturing Execution Systems, or route optimisation systems.

Why? Because data-driven decision-making is best carried out with all the facts to hand—just as the world’s great businesses do.

SaaS Business Intelligence: self-serve reporting.

There’s another data-driven decision-making lesson to be learned from the world’s great businesses, too.

Because as well as pulling together all the facts that a business possesses, the world’s great businesses try hard to eliminate the barriers to those facts being analysed and used to drive competitive edge.

In part, that’s because they are better able to throw resource at the problem. Too long a wait for reports and SQL queries to be run? Hire another programmer or analyst.

Put another way, these are businesses where reporting bottlenecks aren’t tolerated, and where spreadsheet paralysis is a distant memory.

saas business intelligence bottlenecks
SaaS Business Intelligence can help eliminate bottlenecks in your reporting process.

For ordinary mid-sized businesses, SaaS Business Intelligence and self-serve reporting again level the playing field, providing employees at all levels with the reports that they want, when they want them.

How? Simple point-and-click report-building tools, which are even easier to use than a spreadsheet. Dashboards? Not a problem. Analytics on the go, delivered to mobile devices on factory floors, in warehouses or retail outlets? Again, just ask.

In short, at a stroke, no more reporting bottlenecks, and no more drowning in multiple spreadsheets. Just data-driven decision-making, powered by the on-demand reporting that SaaS Business Intelligence delivers.

SaaS Business Intelligence: Big Data is no barrier.

The buzz around Big Data right now is unmistakable. But yet again, it’s the world’s great businesses which are making most of the running.

Not every ordinary mid-sized business has a Big Data problem to crack, of course. But many turn out to have more Big Data that they at first imagine, hidden in the granular detail of individual sales transactions, or manufacturing operations.

And throwing Business Intelligence analytics at this Big Data is a straightforward affair, thanks to SaaS Business Intelligence’s sheer scalability, with remote servers and data warehouses scaling on-demand to meet the computing and analytics requirements that are placed on them.

saas business intelligence scale
SaaS Business Intelligence can scale to your data requirements, making light work of Big Data.

In short, with SaaS Business Intelligence, ordinary businesses can now exploit Big Data to boost their own data-driven decision-making capabilities.

SaaS Business Intelligence: the bottom line.

Roll it all together, and the picture is clear.

Affordably-priced and available through a single monthly subscription, SaaS Business Intelligence provides ordinary businesses with the analytics and data-driven decision-making capabilities that they need in order to take on—and beat—the competition.

Moreover, the time-to-benefit can be a matter of weeks, not the year-long gestation associated with traditional on-premise Business Intelligence implementations.

So if your competitive strategy calls for an enhanced data-driven decision-making capability, take the time to learn how SaaS Business Intelligence can deliver just that.

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