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Data Unlocked: Streaming Launch Event Showcases the New Matillion Data Loader


Today, data has a far greater impact on the trajectory of a company’s success than ever before. Modern, intelligent enterprises informed by data experience improvements in revenue growth, customer acquisition, and employee retention. Yet for many companies, using data effectively is a widespread challenge. 


But there is a solution: Matillion Data Loader.


In Data Unlocked, the launch event that introduced the new Matillion Data Loader to the world, viewers get a first glimpse of the first cloud-native solution that unifies batch and Change Data Capture (CDC) loading, making it easy to work with both technologies in one simple user interface. 


As Matillion CEO Matthew Scullion and Chief Product Officer Ciaran Dynes explain during the event, the addition of CDC that’s built and optimized for the cloud gives users the ability to ingest and capture every change event to an operational data set in near-real time.

In addition, Matillion Data Loader is CDC is log-based, which means that:

  • The operational database isn’t  burdened with extra load —  customers can enhance their scalability without causing any performance degradation.
  • Every single point in time is captured, meaning that users can preserve and pinpoint every change in data–a critical capability for things like fraud detection.

Matillion Data Loader is usage-based, so you can buy credits and start for as little as $2 per credit. Or, you can load up to 1 million rows per month free.


How Matillion Data Loader impacts real-world businesses

In Data Unlocked, we hear from real Matillion Data Loader customers who use both batch and CDC loading together with Matillion ETL to provide an enterprise-ready, secure, end-to-end data integration solution. From data loading to transforming data, these companies are achieving faster business outcomes. “We process billions of bytes of data on a daily basis and some of our processing into the analytics arena would take three to four hours to run,” says Matthew Belo, Senior Data Engineer for Engage3. “That was becoming a scalability issue.” 

Using Matillion Data Loader, Engage3 reduced that processing time to about 5 minutes. 

“This unblocks our ability to deliver new and more efficient products to our customers and unlocks our ability to deliver to different verticals and scale over the coming months and years,” said Anup Doshi, Chief Technology Officer at Engage3. 

The emergence of CDC 

We also hear industry insight about the emergence of CDC as a highly desirable modern data technology from Amy Machado, IDC Research Manager covering Streaming Data Pipelines.  Machado confirms that CDC is on the rise with today’s data-driven businesses. “[CDC] is growing, it’s very popular,” said Machado. “We actually see people wanting to populate, in the future, their data pipelines with CDC more than they want to populate their pipelines with other options.” 

“[CDC] is kind of making a comeback or maybe it’s finally getting its second wind,” Machado said. “People are moving towards the strategy of digital transformation and that shift to adopting more real time architecture and technologies … business conditions are changing rapidly, moment to moment, and you need to respond in that moment.”

Low-code/no-code connectivity enables data self-service for Mulesoft


Viewers learn how Matillion Data Loader’s low-code/no-code interface allows developers and non-developers at Mulesoft the opportunity to access and explore data. Mulesoft’s Senior Manager of Data Engineering, Eshan Koul, credits Matillion with enabling his team and other teams across the business  to do self-service analytics.


“The impact is huge because instead of waiting two-plus weeks and (our team) becoming the bottleneck, they are able to get the data right away,” Koul says. “They can build the dashboards quickly, get to insights right away … get (their)metrics right away to the executive-level leadership to act upon it. So it shortens the time from getting the data to making a decision.”

Helping keep data secure during cloud migration

While many companies have embraced the cloud, some companies are still apprehensive about migrating their most sensitive data. 


With a hybrid SaaS architecture, Matillion Data Loader gives customers easy-to-use SaaS interfaces combined with the privacy, security, and sovereignty of agents operating in their virtual private cloud. All data resides in original environments, and no data is exposed. 


See Data Unlocked for yourself

Of course, there’s much more to see in Data Unlocked, including:


  • A full product demo featuring a data use case common to many businesses and leveraging both batch and CDC data loading
  • A complete rundown of Matillion Data Loader’s unique capabilities, including unified batch and CDC, log-based CDC, and the ability to create a connector to any data source
  • Full interviews with Mulesoft and Engage3
  • And more insight from Amy Machado about the future of data in the cloud

See for yourself how Matillion Data Loader provides companies with hyperproductivity, helping them get complicated technology out of the way to make handling all data loading needs easier.  

Watch Data Unlocked