Decision Time – Cloud BI or On Premise?

  • Ed Thompson, CTO
  • September 20, 2013

Decision-Time-Cloud-BI-On-PremiseThe business intelligence market will reach over $40B in just over 4 years according to TBR and Cloud BI will be a contributing factor to the growth this market will achieve. This blog demonstrates research on why Cloud BI will be a better choice for your business intelligence system.

There have been studies on the success rates when businesses choose whether to adopt an on premise or Cloud BI solution. Both come with their own benefits and drawbacks and every business will gain different results from deploying such a system. This post on CBR reports upon research that suggests:

  • 80% of cloud BI adopters were ‘highly satisfied’ or ‘satisfied’, against a 51% satisfaction rate with on-premise users
  • 69% of cloud BI implementations were completed within 3 months, compared with 6 months for on-premise solutions
  • 60% of cloud BI solutions are user friendly and need much less training

From theses finding its easy to say that Cloud BI is the better option and they conclude that Cloud BI offers “faster, easier and more economical deployment and lower total cost of ownership, along with superior ease of use, which drives broader user adoption within the organisation.”

Furthermore, this article asks the question wither to build an on premise solution or look to buy in a one such as Cloud BI. One point made is “While companies can choose to build such an analytical solution in house, it’s not worth the time and effort to do so.”

He looking at the cloud in general there are many ways to exploit the advantages on offer. CIO say “Cloud services present significant benefits in cost savings, scalability and flexibility” and ZDNet states “The use of cloud computing can do away with much of the software maintenance and patching that made up a chunk of the average IT professional’s day.”

When delivering Cloud BI you take these advantages and deliver the insights provided in an easier, faster and more cost effective way.

And for those reasons our choice over Cloud BI or on-premise has to be Cloud BI.

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