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Enabling Data Insights for Mortgage Lenders at Lima One Capital

Data insights for the mortgage industry: A photo of an apartment building

Data insights for the mortgage industry: A photo of an apartment building


For the past few years, customer experience has become a big initiative for companies across verticals and industries. With so many customer data points available, many enterprises are looking to use this data in three ways. First, to help them create a customer-centric approach to business. Second, to gain an accurate view of customer desires through intuitive, efficient reporting. And finally, to enable citizen data professionals across the business to access data analytics and make better decisions via data self-service. 


Using data insights to better serve mortgage customers


This is definitely true in the mortgage lending sphere. According to Fiserv, financial institutions will likely make greater investments in customer experience in 2019 to grow their mortgage business. Through their various efforts to attract and retain customers, mortgage lenders have hundreds of thousands of data points about buyers. These data points are a competitive advantage that can be used to streamline customer communications and provide ROI to their bottom line. However, they are often scattered across the organization in silos and can be hard to find and aggregate.


A strategy for big data management


With growing data volumes from multiple sources, it can be challenging for scaling businesses and mature enterprises to understand how to derive actionable data insights in the mortgage industry. Compiling data from a variety of sources into a central location can help mortgage lenders on a variety of fronts. They can get a better understanding of how to serve their customers. Also, they can create lasting relationships with the individuals already in their sales funnel.


But connecting data sources is only one step of the data journey.  Even companies with centralized data still face the challenge of how to make it work for their business. And the struggle is not specific to one industry – 90 percent of data professionals find it challenging to make data useful for analytics. But companies are finding that using cloud data warehouses and cloud-native solutions can enable them to move faster and get results quickly.


Enabling data self-service across the business 


Data is a powerful asset for mortgage lending companies like Lima One Capital, one of the fastest-growing companies in the specialty mortgage lending industry. Based in South Carolina, Lima One Capital focuses on bringing affordable lending to local real estate markets. 


Lima One Capital needed a mature data strategy with the right supporting technology. The company needed solutions that could house their data and also make it useful for reporting and analytics. As a growing company, Lima One Capital lacked the time, people, and capital needed in order to successfully turn data into insights and achieve its goals. The firm needed a cost-effective, highly scalable solution that could simplify the data analytics process for its busy team. The company also needed to enable data self-service in other, less technical parts of their business.


Getting results with Matillion ETL

Read the full case study to discover how Lima One Capital made great strides in their data management strategy including:


  • An 85% self-service analytics program
  • New tech stack with cloud-first solutions
  • And the automation of 6,000 task hours


You can view the full case study here.


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