Ensuring Analytics Success with Self Service Business Intelligence

  • Ed Thompson, CTO
  • August 1, 2013

Ensuring Analytics Success with Self Service Business IntelligenceWhen implementing a BI system, the adoption and success of the finished product is critical. Self service business intelligence is a key component of ensuring the success of any platform.

There are many other areas to look at to maximise success, as Forrester analyst Martha Bennett (@martha_bennett) details in her latest article. One best practice she mentions is to “Be agile, and aim to deliver self-service,” and that in doing this it assists in “finding the right balance between business and IT.

The CEO is also integral in championing a self service business intelligence project. Himanshu Sareen (@himanshusareen) stated in a recent report that if CEOs embrace analytics they “find themselves valuing IT as an efficiency driver.” He goes on to say with new methods, reports CEOs depended on can take minutes instead of hours and save significant time. Self service business intelligence is seen as one of these methods and allows people to get at the information they need quickly and easily.

Self service is also being seen as a major trend in the industry right now. CW reports – Self-service BI: An approach to analytics that involves allowing non tech-savvy people access and use and work with data. This is agreed with by Roman Vladimirov (@Rvladimirov) who said recentlythe profile of the analytics user has broadened considerably in the past few years, with self service BI tools filtering throughout business structures.”

An article on Wired.com also touches on this subject. It wrote “Achieving a competitive advantage in today’s market is largely a function of deploying better and more advanced analytics to help employees make fact-based decisions… all operational employees should be empowered to make better fact-based decisions.” With self service business intelligence anyone can get access to the data and information they need efficiently.

With all of these thoughts in mind, we believe that self service business intelligence is integral in ensuring analytics success. It allows all departments of a business make more accurate and faster decisions to boost company performance and in turn profits.

You can find examples on how some businesses have benefited from Self Service BI in our Free E-Book: Complete Guide to Evaluating and Implementing Business Intelligence.