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How Businesses Are Simplifying Data Ingestion with Matillion Data Loader

Today we announced the availability of Matillion Data Loader within Snowflake, the Cloud Data Platform, through Snowflake’s Partner Connect. This increased accessibility allows Snowflake customers to quickly and seamlessly load and centralize their valuable business data from a variety of data sources and formats, right from their Snowflake account. 

With an intuitive user interface and easy wizard configuration, Matillion Data Loader delivers a frictionless, no-code experience for knowledge workers and Citizen Data Professionals to quickly set up data pipelines.  As enterprises look to their data to solve business challenges, access to accurate data sources is essential to unlocking insights from that information. However, a survey from IDG found that only 23% of data professionals reported having completely centralized their BI and analytics teams, thus making it difficult to get the full picture of their data. 

Since Matillion Data Loader became generally available in March, we have seen a number of our partners and customers blogging on the seamless experience of loading data to a central place. Here are a few of their success stories. 

Loading BigQuery Into Snowflake with Matillion Data Loader

Daan Bakboord at DA Analytics shared a step-by-step guide for loading data from Google BigQuery into Snowflake with ease.

Jump Start Your Cloud Migration with Matillion Data Loader

Chris Sanders from UDig walks through how to set up a data pipeline to migrate data from an existing MySQL database into a Snowflake environment.

Using Matillion Data Loader to Enhance COVID-19 Data

William M. Cohee of Greenwich Analytica details how his team loaded data into Google BigQuery for enhancements to their Statewide COVID-19 Summary for the State of Connecticut.

Matillion Data Loader: The Fast, Easy (and Free!) Way to Populate Your Cloud Data Warehouse

Our partners at Pandata Group walk readers through how to retrieve data from numerous proprietary sources to load seamlessly into your cloud data warehouse.

Breaking Down Data Silos with Matillion Data Loader

Edward Hunter at Clutch told us how Matillion Data Loader helps the retailers who make up the Clutch customer base centralize data from multiple sources – POS and CRM systems, digital advertising platforms, marketing clouds, and more. 




Data ingestion helps enterprises eliminate their data silos and provides business users with easy access to insights for analytics and reporting. Start ingesting data into the Cloud today with Matillion Data Loader, through Snowflake Partner Connect or using any preferred cloud data warehouse.