How Important is a BI Dashboard?

  • Ed Thompson, CTO
  • September 12, 2013

How-Important-BI-DashboardDashboards have been giving executives information at their fingertips for years. The introduction of a BI dashboard can give your business another dimension when it comes to getting at the data executives need.

Iveta Ivanova (@IvetaSIvanova) discusses this in a recent article saying “Business intelligence is classed as a top-priority technology that can aid certain companies in boosting their revenue, improving their customer services or controlling costs.” She continues to say that a typical BI dashboard a company would use evolve with business intelligence and are “valued as a top significance for expansion and modernization.”

One of the main benefits of a BI dashboard is the ability user have of getting the information they need without the involvement or need of IT skills.

This blog suggests a BI dashboard “has a primary function to communicate data. A dashboard that is well designed will equip your users to analyse and see data trends.” It is also touched upon in this piece saying “leaders need access to critical data without having to go through another department to get what they need. Your dashboard has to make the data accessible to the people who need it most.”

To have the data available is critical to businesses as the last report states 93% of executives rely on data yet 57% don’t have access and availability to that data. With a BI dashboard people can easily and freely analyse data to produce actionable insights for their business.

Several other websites have touched upon the importance of bi dashboard functionality;

“Entrepreneurs who understand exactly what’s going on in their businesses can make better decisions than those who don’t. One of the easiest ways to keep track of key metrics for your company is by creating business intelligence dashboards, which track metrics like revenues, expenses, website performance and customer satisfaction in real-time.” –

“Dashboards keep operatives dedicated, motivated and focused. This allows them to inform in a way that lets organisations take proactive action.” –

Typically, it can be difficult for business users to make sense of raw data. A BI dashboard can essentially take control and perform the work for them turning that raw data into actionable information that are relatively easy to digest and understand, allowing them to make better decisions and improve efficiency in their business.

So in answer to our own question, how important is a BI dashboard? We answer, it’s critical.

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