Why Sales Analytics and Business Intelligence Systems Can Benefit All Businesses

  • Ed Thompson, CTO
  • July 3, 2013

Why Sales Analytics & Business Intelligence Systems Can Benefit All BusinessesSales analytics and business intelligence are both big trends in the IT industry currently and the buzz floating around about how businesses can profit from them is ever flowing.

The aim of this post is to bring key points from several articles together to demonstrate why sales analytics can be easily adopted in any business.

First of all, a recent report on Business Administration Information ties in research from leading advisory firm Gartner to state, “as business intelligence and sales analytics capabilities increase it will grow into an integral part of business.” They continue further and comment that “analytics will be adopted by 50 percent of potential users by 2014, and 75 percent of potential users by 2020.” They predict that this will be strengthened by improvement of user interfaces to widen user adoption.

Additionally, Forbes recently published an article about The Changing Business/IT Model. In this they explain that when it comes to data and information the perceptions from business people are rapidly changing. Where sales analytics would have been avoided by business users in the old model, it is now embraced with easy to use and self-service business intelligence tools.

To add to this a blog on Dataversity notes “There are also a number of technological advancements in analytics and self-service BI tools are certainly on the rise

When empowering business users with easy to use sales analytics they can make better and faster decisions to improve business performance. This is a view acknowledged by Roman Vladimirov (@Rvladimirov) when reporting in SmartData Collective, “The need for improved decision-making has fuelled the development and adoption of business intelligence solutions for years. Aided by specialized tools like mobile BI and self-service BI systems, leaders have begun to turn the general, big-picture improvements into targeted use cases that suit their own goals.” He continues to note that SaaS and cloud business intelligence systems will continue to further develop the market.

The case for sales analytics and business intelligence systems has definitely been brought forward in the last few years and will continue to push ahead with new enhancements being delivered consistently.

You can find examples on how more businesses have made improvements to their bottom line through sales analytics in our Case Studies section. Also download our Free E-Book: Complete Guide to Evaluating and Implementing Business Intelligence.