How to Gain a Competitive Advantage with Cloud BI

  • Ed Thompson, CTO
  • August 6, 2013

Cloud computing and business How to Gain a Competitive Advantage with Cloud BIintelligence are two hot trends in the IT world, so it was not going to take long for someone merge them together and create Cloud BI.

In fact it’s been around for a while now and this article aims to show why it is being seriously considered as a stronger option when looking for bigger and better analytics.

Fredrik Tunvall, a senior analyst at Ovum, an independent analyst and consultancy firm specializing in global IT, recently stated in an article, “The cloud is becoming a more cost-effective delivery model for BI vendors to offer their software.” The report goes on to say with cloud BI “Business IT users across the organisation can go online and start analysing their data within minutes rather than weeks.”

A perfect example of this is Sonic Drive In, a 3500 location strong American fast food restaurant, who have recently opted for a Cloud BI service. Their CIO, Craig Miller, told Gigaom, “If Sonic is spending more money building tools to analyse the business instead of running the business, then there’s a problem.” This relates to the issue they had when collecting data from various locations and storing it. Their old datawarehouse was becoming vastly tricky to deal with and building a new static one seemed an even bigger challenge. Miller reflects upon his decision to pick Cloud BI, “We’ve saved in the order of millions and millions in many ways. This is just scratching the surface of what Sonic plans to do on the data front with the cloud.”

With Cloud BI, users can access data anywhere at any time. Whether it’s at a business meeting, double checking figures in a board meeting or at 2am in the morning when you have that inkling question. A Computer Weekly report which takes research from Forrester touches on this. “Business users’ complain about their ability to access the data they need to support a decision when they need it.” With Cloud BI this is no more.

And finally, a Forbes blog recently posted also shares these views. Tim Beerman nicely finishes his article saying, ”The future of IT platforms rests in the cloud. Look for opportunities to capture and analyse more of your data. Both are vital to your business competitiveness.” Cloud BI incorporates both these into your business and allows you to can a competitive advantage with analytics.

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