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Improve Your Data Productivity at Matillion Data Unlocked

The use of cloud data is changing how organizations work with and use their data. Business demand for data is at an all-time high and data teams are racing to keep up. In order to meet the need for insights, data teams need a better way to connect, accelerate, and uncover the information within their organizations. 

With limited team members, time constraints, and growing data sources, the need to be as productive as possible with the resources you do have is paramount. How can you improve processes and increase efficiency to stay ahead of the demand?

Enter: Matillion Data Unlocked. Our virtual flagship event is full of enterprise success stories, best practices and techniques for data integration, and exclusive online networking that will help data teams explore new methods and tools to fully activate their data strategies.

On October 12th, our virtual event kicks off on your screen. During the conference, you’ll uncover:

  • Insights from data leaders on how they are building productive, successful data teams 
  • New data strategies and tools that can help to make data integration and transformation faster
  • Better ways to unlock the full potential of your cloud data apps with practical workshops


Learn the right data productivity strategy for your business

We know that different businesses have different data needs so it can be overwhelming to figure out the right approach for you and your team. Our keynote and sessions will help you uncover new strategies for people, products, and processes to be more efficient and to speed up the integration and delivery of data.

You will hear from Matillion Emerald Award winners and data enthusiasts about how to find the right mix of data philosophy and architecture to deliver data to the business, quickly and at scale. 


Hear integration best practices within the data ecosystem

Matillion is proud to partner with the best technology vendors and system integrators that help global enterprises make their data useful and get to value faster. At Matillion Data Unlocked, you will learn how we work with leading cloud data platforms such as Snowflake, Thoughtspot, Collibra and other members of the modern data stack to uplevel data analytics projects and enable AI/ML use cases. 


Find out what’s next for data integration

As the world of data continues to grow and change, so does our thinking on how to best serve our customers. Our CEO Matthew Scullion and CPO Ciaran Dynes will talk to thought leaders about the future of data integration, plus the innovations needed to continue making cloud data useful and impactful inside every organization. 


Attend Matillion Data Unlocked

This event is designed to help you maximize your data productivity through talks and sessions tailored to the challenges of today. You’ll learn how to build successful data programs, incorporate solutions that scale data projects, and leverage techniques from other data team leaders to successfully unlock the full potential of cloud data. 


October 12th is right around the corner so save the date and sign up today!

Register here for #dataunlocked22