Improved enterprise reporting: the New Year’s Resolution you can actually stick to

  • Richard Thelwell
  • January 12, 2015

A new year often sparks a desire for change, in both our personal and business lives. However, many of the New Year’s Resolutions we set ourselves are often unrealistic and difficult to maintain. But improved enterprise reporting is an achievable goal for your business, and it’s easier than you might think.

January is an extremely important time for businesses, as they look to hit the ground running and lay strong foundations for the upcoming calendar year. As well as being a period to reflect on the previous year’s performance, it is also a time where there are many important strategic decisions to make, decisions that could shape the future of the business.

Many companies use this time to set goals, and make resolutions for change across the business. Some of these resolutions are more achievable that others. In this article, we highlight the importance of improving enterprise reporting within your organisation and look at why it should be one of your top priorities for the upcoming year.

Improving enterprise reporting can be easier than you think, making it a realistic and achievable goal for your business in 2015.

Common enterprise reporting challenges

For many businesses, enterprise reporting can be a complex procedure. With data tied up in multiple sources and systems, it takes expertise to bring all the information together – let alone report on top of it.

Many businesses still rely heavily on Microsoft Excel to store data and create reports. While Excel may be great at dealing with basic data manipulation, its flaws become increasingly apparent when it is required to deal with larger, more complex data sets.

Reporting in this manner can also be a very arduous and manual process, increasing the likelihood of error.

Even companies that have invested in additional reporting tools often find them to be ineffective. Traditional enterprise reporting tools are seldom easy to use, meaning bottlenecks often form around the key individuals in the business who have the requisite skills to manipulate data and create reports using these tools. These bottlenecks can prove extremely costly for a company over time.

Enterprise reporting bottlenecks
Enterprise reporting bottlenecks can form around key individuals within the business.

Complex enterprise reporting systems negate the whole benefit of collecting analytics in the first place, as insights are often limited – and untimely ¬¬– due to the strain this process puts on resources.

Furthermore, users are likely to become increasingly disillusioned with these products, meaning expensive systems could be left dormant.

Self-service BI: enterprise reporting made easy

If any of the problems above resonate with your business, you could benefit from a self-service business intelligence and reporting solution.

Self-serve reporting can take a great deal of the manual effort out of enterprise reporting, freeing up IT resources and reducing bottlenecks across the business. By democratizing these tools, making them easier for line of business staff to use, the benefits can be exploited across wider areas of your organisation.

Enterprise reporting self serve
Giving users the ability to self-serve can drastically improve the enterprise reporting process.

Not only that, but self-service enterprise reporting tools can be a much more cost-effective alternative to traditional reporting methods. Many of these tools are offered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) package which means that there are no hefty sunk costs involved. Instead you pay a fixed price set-up fee and, from then on, all additional costs are covered under the price of your monthly subscription.

By allowing business users greater access, self-service enterprise reporting tools can speed up the decision-making process, allow companies to react more quickly to changes in performance and highlight areas for improvement. Not only do decision makers get more timely insights, but these insights are often of a much higher quality.

How Matillion can help

At Matillion, we deliver self-service enterprise reporting solutions with cost-effective, fixed-price implementation and a single, all-inclusive monthly subscription, which covers all support and ongoing changes.

The implementation process has been designed to be low-pain and fast, so we can deliver an effective, enterprise quality, business intelligence and self-serve enterprise reporting project in a matter of a few weeks.

A great way to kick 2015 off with a bang!

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