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Insights From the Modern Data Team: Innovafeed

Innovafeed: Enriched, useful data helps this biotechnology company feed the world

Innovafeed is on a mission to feed the world through natural, sustainable solutions. The French biotechnology company produces insect protein in an innovative zero-waste, circular agricultural value chain. Since starting in 2016, the company has become the largest insect production capacity in the world with two production sites in operation, and a third one announced in the United States.

Innovafeed and its data team have to support their mission with reliable, accessible data to provide accurate operational reporting from their many warehouses; scientific data for their research teams; and business data for their various departments. Siloed data in various formats presents a challenge to a scaling company like  Innovafeed, which depends on rapid access to constantly changing data (like weather pattern data) to make decisions. Innovafeed isn’t alone: In a recent IDG Marketpulse survey 40 percent of data professionals cited the lack of visibility into and control over data silos as a challenge when collaborating with business users. 

In order to give stakeholders across the business the information they need to make the right decisions, Innovafeed needed to ensure that everyone in the organization had a single view of the same data. This required the data team to approach data integration in a holistic way,  with a platform that could handle diverse, dynamic, and distributed data and provide the entire business with the kind of enriched insights that lead to fast and meaningful business decisions.

Olivier Bastard, project data manager at Innovafeed, shares how he and his team use Matillion ETL for Snowflake to ingest all data sources into a governed and secure platform.



Matillion ETL is a powerful tool for the modern data team that leverages cloud data integration to help make data useful in the business. Read more stories like Innovafeed’s and learn more about how our joint customers use Matillion ETL and Snowflake to move faster and transform their businesses with data in The Business Benefits of Data Transformation.

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