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InterWorks on Data Trends in 2020 and Matillion

When we think about what’s to come in 2020 and beyond, Matillion Partners are one of our best resources for what’s happening in data, technology, and the cloud. Our Partners are working with enterprise customers across industries every day and see first-hand what data teams are doing and thinking about the opportunities and challenges that they see. We recently spoke to Holt Calder, Data Architect at Interworks about what he sees coming in 2021, and how he sees Matillion fitting in. Watch the videos below to hear Holt’s take on data now and in the near future.


How will we work in the cloud in 2021?


2. What are the biggest trends in data and analytics?



3. How does Matillion fit in with what’s happening in data and analytics?

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Learn more about the latest data trends


Want to hear our take on what to keep an eye on in 2021? Download our ebook, Top Data Integration Trends in 2021.

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