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Is Self Service BI the Right Way Forward?

Self-Service-BI-Right-Way-ForwardSelf Service BI is a hot trend in the IT industry and has been for a few years. As the amount of data rises exponentially, business executives want access to the data that IT staff hold the key to. Self Service BI is the master key everyone can use.

Whereas it might be easy for these executives to get hold of the data without such a tool, making sense of it is another kettle of fish.

As this post states “Data is critical to good decision making, but it’s also a serious headache for the business executives who must make sense of an ever-growing and ever-changing sea of information.”

Sure people can use spreadsheets to manage this data, however there are many dangers and issues involved with holding sensitive data in several spreadsheets dotted around a business.

When data is managed through a Self Service BI tool people can get at the information they need easily, quickly and reliably.

Meta Brown (@metabrown312) discusses this in All Analytics saying “Executives need accurate, relevant information that is presented simply, quickly, and clearly. They need answers to their questions”.

Self Service BI gives users that functionality and empowers them to make more informed decisions. She is not the only one that has explained the importance of getting data and information faster and easier.

“The speed at which we gain insight is critical because it allows us to take advantage of the opportunity at full throttle.” – Business2Community

“For most enterprises ‘knowledge is power’… Timely, reliable information in the right hands is more essential as business cycles shorten and become more competitive.” – SmartData Collective

The power of Self Service BI can not only help business users across the whole organisation but also greatly benefit the top level executives, including the CEO.

A recent report by brought many facts to light. Whereas more than 50% of CEOs say they would prefer to see dashboards which they could easily access through Self Service BI, less than 15% are doing so. Additionally, one in every three CEO’s get their data through emails created by someone else, less than 10% want it this way.

Some quotes from CEO’s in the report include:

“There’s no way to drill down to see the details”

“I can’t get [data] myself and I can’t manipulate it.”

Self Service BI is an option these CEO’s could take, not only to get the dashboards they desire but to get the ability to get at information and drill down into their data.

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