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Living Our Values: Putting Matillion Customers First

Living our Values: Putting Matillion Customers First


Customer-centric. Customer-focused. Customer-obsessed.


No matter which phrase you use, they all ultimately point to the same strategy:  improving customer and user experience. It’s no surprise that smart companies are investing heavily in customer experience. Poor customer service can cost U.S. businesses billions of dollars.


Even though many companies share our “We are Customer Obsessed” value, I truly believe we hit the mark at Matillion. We have a great feedback loop with our customers and offer support during every step of the buying and implementation process. As a Solution Architect Team Lead at Matillion, I have the privilege of speaking with multiple customers every single day. My job, simply put, is to help our customers succeed.


Data transformation and ELT are how we help enterprises. Empathy, Listening, and Transparency are how we engage and interact with prospects and customers.


Empathy with Matillion customers in every interaction


It’s not enough to be sympathetic to a customer’s challenges — empathy is what makes for great customer experience. Let’s say that a customer isn’t able to build the workflow that they need using Matillion ETL. A sympathetic response would be, “Yes, that’s awful. You may need to take a look at our documentation again.” An empathetic response would be, “We hear you and we’ve had customers experience this before. Walk me through the steps you already took to solve it and let’s figure out a solution.”


When our customers have problems, we share that burden. I remember when a customer was having production problems and outages after an upgrade. They couldn’t solve the problem on their own. We huddled internally to identify a response team that could meet every day for a week, across the UK, Mountain, and Central time zones, to troubleshoot with our customer. Our solution architects, product managers, and engineers worked with a broad team on the customer’s side to solve the challenge and ultimately, keep our customers’ confidence in our product and our team.


Listening to Matillion customers and learning


The interesting thing about Matillion ETL is that many of our customers use Matillion in ways that transcend the typical “use case.”  Customers use our product for data analysis and reporting, data warehouse modernization, data orchestration, data integration, and more.


Even though we are the product experts, we still learn things from our customers every time we speak to them. Collaborating with our Customer Advisory Board is another way that we can listen to feedback from our Matillion customer base to make our company and our product the best they can possibly be.


Transparency above all else


There are times when we speak to prospects and realize that our solution just isn’t right for their use case. But instead of selling them something we know they don’t need, we advise them on a different solution. Transparency is just as important as making a sale – sometimes more so. What’s the benefit of having a customer who will churn after a few months of using our product? Selling at all costs goes against our values and wastes time and money for our customers.


Customer-obsessed and continuously improving


As part of living our values,  we engage with empathy, listen to understand what our customers need from us, and transparently interact with customers and prospects. But there are still improvements we can make as a business. Being proactive with our connectors would be helpful to some customers. And our 1.40 release included a much-requested feature for a GIT integration support.


We are a growing company and rely on Matillion customers to help guide us to be more efficient, easy to implement, and a necessary and foundational part of every company’s data journey.


Are you looking to solve complex problems and help customers succeed in their business? We are hiring for a number of external-facing roles. Take a look at our open opportunities and apply today!

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