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Log-Based Change Data Capture and Data Transformation Together: HVR and Matillion

Log-based change data capture and data replication together in a joint solution


When it comes to data and analytics, enterprise organizations have several big concerns:


  • How can we gain valuable insight as quickly as possible?
  • How can we ensure that data and analytics are yielding an accurate picture to guide our decision making?
  • How do we use resources wisely to keep costs in check?
  • How do we keep our data secure?


And with good reason. All of those factors are critical to remaining competitive, making the right decisions, keeping customer data safe, and minimizing risk to operations and reputation. But it’s a challenge, especially considering the massive volumes of data that are flowing in, from an astounding number of sources, both in and out of the cloud. 


That’s why we’re excited to announce that Matillion and HVR are partnering on a joint solution that gives enterprises a powerful combination of real-time Change Data Capture (CDC) and cloud data transformation that can help improve speed, accuracy, and cost, without compromising security.


A fast, powerful joint solution for data in the cloud

How do the two solutions work together? And what does it mean for enterprise organizations? Let’s take a look:


Log-based Change Data Capture (CDC) for efficient, near-real-time data delivery


HVR employs near-real-time data replication and, using log-based CDC, transfers changed data only. Log-based CDC, coupled with compression, enables you to transfer and update data quickly, without requiring huge amounts of resources. 


Data transformation using the power and scale of the cloud


After replicating and updating data, Matillion’s easy-to-configure ELT jobs take advantage of the scalable processing power of the cloud data warehouse, which significantly reduces job run-times.


Secure data handling from end to end


Using a distributed architecture, HVR encrypts data before it’s moved and routes it to the target via a firewall proxy, mitigating vulnerabilities. With Matillion ELT jobs, data remains securely in the cloud data warehouse, with no need to move it outside of enterprise-maintained environments.


Accurate, verifiable data for analytics


With HVR’s built-in compare function, data between sources and the cloud data warehouse can be validated for accuracy. For additional data validation, Matillion ETL’s Data Lineage capabilities help enterprises understand data origin and trace any potential errors across transformations. 


Heterogenous support for data sources and targets


Both Matillion and HVR support a variety of data sources, both on-premises and in the cloud, including most commonly used relational databases. And both solutions are designed to work with Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Snowflake cloud data warehouses. 


Faster, more accurate results from end to end


For enterprise businesses whose goal is to get rapid insights, using fresh, accurate data, the combination of HVR and Matillion ETL can help you move faster and compete more effectively with a modern cloud data architecture. 


To learn more about HVR, Matillion ETL and how they work together, watch this webinar about the joint solution.