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Matillion Academy: Innovate with Data Faster Using Shared Jobs

Matillion’s team is customer-obsessed and that value is at the heart of everything we do, including our product features and innovations. We know that the time of the average data professional is valuable but the tools with which they work don’t always provide them the ability to move quickly at scale. Last year, we asked 450 data decision-makers and data team members across the U.S. and UK to share the challenges they faced when making data useful for their business. We found that data teams report spending 57% of their time, on average, on data migration and maintenance. About two-thirds of data professionals believe their organization is wasting time on data preparation.

Transforming and orchestrating large amounts of data is a tedious task, especially due to the diverse, dynamic nature of some datasets. In order to increase productivity and allow more time for innovation, data teams need to create similar and repeatable jobs to reduce their workload. To help address this issue, Matillion created Shared Jobs. 

Available on the Matillion Exchange, downloadable Shared Jobs can help you run orchestration and transformation jobs to save development time when it comes to common workflows and create templated jobs to use again and again. These jobs allow users to bundle entire workflows into a single custom component and then use those custom components anywhere else in the project. In your Matillion ETL instance, you can create components using the Shared Jobs feature. 

In our newest course on Matillion Academy, we will help you manage and use Shared Jobs to shrink production times and use tried and true workflows for your data integration projects.


Move Faster with Shared Jobs for ELT workflows

Matillion users have found success with Shared Jobs and now we have modern enterprise data stack partners such as Thoughtspot collaborating to deliver insights to customers quickly.

Learn how IT Operations professionals can use ThoughtSpot’s SpotApp for ServiceNow Incident Management and a Matillion Shared Job to respond to incidents faster, build more efficient processes, and focus on more strategic initiatives in this in-depth blog, How to go from ingestion to insights in seconds with ThoughtSpot and Matillion for ServiceNow


Get started with Shared Jobs on Matillion Academy

The self-paced course provides instruction on Shared Job basics, how to create and use a shared job, exporting variables, and how to navigate the Matillion Exchange.

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