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Matillion Academy Provides Product Training for Customers and Partners



When using a product, the right training is critical. For users just starting out, it can provide a firm foundation on which to build your expertise and help your organization. And for established users, the opportunity to expand skills and add more value is limitless and invaluable. 


At Matillion, we want to help our customers, partners, and suppliers get the best start on Matillion and get the most out of our product in order to move faster with data. Today, we’re excited to launch Matillion Academy, our online training and certification program, available to users free of charge.


Full Matillion training, from our experts to your team


Matillion places a high value on product onboarding and training for our users, from one-hour technical workshops to our Matillion Tech Talks. But as we talked to customers and partners, we realized there was a need for a new kind of training program:


  • Users needed a training course that was globally available, on-demand, and that was scalable for training multiple team members
  • Users wanted training modules laid out in a logical, linear fashion
  • Teams had certification requirements they needed to fulfill
  • Customers and partners needed training that was both thorough and cost-effective


From our research and your valuable input, Matillion Academy was born. 


Phase I is now available


Phase I of Matillion Academy, which covers Building a Cloud Data Warehouse by loading and transforming your data with Matillion ETL. In the future, we will be adding additional modules to help enhance your knowledge of Matillion ETL, such as Matillion Best Practices and How to Get the Most Out of Matillion Exchange. We will also be adding specialized training courses for more advanced Matillion users. 


At this time, Matillion offers a Certification of Course Completion to partner teams and will continue to roll out a more extensive certification and accreditation program in subsequent phases.


Partners: Get Certification of Course Completion


Matillion Partners can now obtain a Matillion Certification of Course Completion to better help their clients implement a full modern data stack. For partners, Matillion Academy is an excellent resource to quickly get up to speed and certified on Matillion ETL, and to help client data teams familiarize themselves with cloud data warehousing and cloud-based ETL.


What partners are saying about Matillion Academy:

“Having an easy, self-guided way to get up to speed on Matillion ETL has made it simple for us to help our clients and articulate the value of Modern Cloud Analytics”

–Brian Bickell, InterWorks


Partners can learn more about Matillion Academy, course completion certificates, and incentives to participate in the upcoming October Partner Newsletter, or by contacting the partner team.




Get started on Matillion Academy 

To get started with Phase I of Matillion Academy, register here

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