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Matillion and Wood Street Mission: Helping Manchester Families Thrive

Matillion and Wood Street Mission: Working together


The Economist’s ‘Global Liveability Index’ has just been released for 2019.  Once again, Manchester has been named the most liveable city in the United Kingdom. Matillion’s UK headquarters are in the Greater Manchester area.  We benefit from the city’s cultural scene as well as the hotbed of talent coming out of the many globally ranked universities around the city. With a history firmly rooted in innovation and design, Mancunians’ centuries of hard work, dedication, and integrity have pulled this city from its charred industrial past into a towering, glimmering glass epitome of the Northern Powerhouse.

The innovation and integrity of Manchester

I have lived in Manchester since leaving Silicon Valley in 2014. In that time, I have seen Beetham Tower, once the tallest building in Manchester measuring in at 47-stories high, become dwarfed by the rising skyline. The changing cityscape provides a literal view of upward mobility, visible from my desk less than ten miles south of the city center.


However, this story of expansion, growing wealth, and prosperity is not the lived reality of all Mancunians. On the streets below towering corporate giants, hotels, and flat blocks, charities work tirelessly to break the cycle of poverty that is more characteristic of the Industrial Revolution than a modern European city leading the way in commerce and technology.


At Matillion, we care about the communities we operate in and try to give back in any way we can throughout the year. Matillion’s Manchester office is proud to be living this value through its support and advocacy of Wood Street Mission.

Matillion and Wood Street Mission Working Together

In its own words, “Wood Street Mission is a children’s charity helping children and families living on a low income in Manchester and Salford.” It provides practical day-to-day support and educational engagement for families. It also helps raise poverty awareness across the city. This year, Wood Street Mission celebrates a bittersweet 150-year anniversary. In an ideal world, its services would not be necessary. But Wood Street Mission is proud to have helped hundreds of thousands of Manchester families and children since its founding in 1869.


This summer, Matillioners contributed to Wood Street’s SmartStart back-to-school drive. Nearly 40 percent of Manchester’s young people live in poverty, with many more not far from the poverty line. When the new school year looms, families are stretched to their financial limits to get uniforms and school supplies for their children. Without the right supplies, students can’t perform or reach their potential.


To help provide a SmartStart for children in Manchester, Matillioners graciously donated uniforms, shoes, backpacks, lunch boxes, reusable water bottles, and more for the 2019 academic school year. Thank you again to everyone for your contributions, as every little bit helps create long and lasting change.

The busiest time of year

Throughout the remainder of 2019, Matillioners look forward to volunteering their time and raising further donations. These efforts are especially critical as we approach what is forecast to be the coldest winter in three decades. And that’s in addition to the annual pressures and joys of the holiday season. We have Matillioners signed up to volunteer and support Family Basics and Christmas Gift sorting at Wood Street’s onsite cash-free shop. We are also supporting a Book Club in the neighboring town of Wythenshawe.  And we will end the year at the Wood Street Christmas Party, which is the main holiday celebration for many families that the charity serves.

Help make a difference for kids in Manchester

If you want to support Wood Street Mission with us, contact to learn about upcoming donation initiatives or donate directly to the charity here.


For more information about Wood Street Mission and its initiatives, check out their website:

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