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Matillion Announces $100M Series D Funding Round

Last year brought a lot of changes to the world, but none more profound for enterprise businesses than the need to fundamentally shift the way we work. Enterprises found themselves with 100 percent remote work environments that required operations and information to be in the cloud – not to compete or thrive, but to survive. 


Now it’s not just the innovators and early adopters that are moving data to the cloud. In all enterprise companies, the need and desire to modernize has accelerated dramatically. The need to make data useful at scale for reporting, analytics, and machine learning and artificial intelligence is front and center for every business.


Matillion has emerged as instrumental in moving that data to the cloud and making it useful with technology that’s built for all cloud data platforms – CDWs, data lakes, and lakehouse architectures. And today, we double down on our commitment to helping all enterprises move faster and do more with cloud data transformation. 


I’m excited to announce the completion of our $100 million Series D fundraising round, led by Lightspeed Venture Partners. This is an amazing time to be at Matillion, many thanks to our customers, partners, all of our investors, and the whole Matillion team in helping us get to this point and continuing to help us make a dent in the universe bigger than ourselves.


Making the world’s data useful


It’s been true for a while that if you want to compete and innovate using data, the cloud is the place to be. Nowhere else has the combination of power, scale, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness to help companies leverage massive and ever-growing volumes of data. In our 2020 survey, nearly 100 percent of enterprises agreed: 43 percent of those surveyed expect to have all of their data in the cloud in the next few years, and the remainder expect to pursue hybrid models that leverage both cloud and on-premises data warehouses.


Matillion already helps 500 large-cap customers – more than 400 of them on Snowflake – transform their data for analytics and other critical use cases. We help customers across all industries and use cases do more with data, and do it faster. 


  • Slack reduced the time needed to create critical revenue metrics from up to 6 hours to just 30 minutes using Matillion ETL and Snowflake.
  • In one year, Aramex deployed over 200 machine learning models that make 500,000 predictions a day with the help of Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift
  • Cisco saved around 84 percent on ETL application spend by switching to Matillion from Informatica
  • Other large enterprises around the world, including Siemens, Subway, Novartis, and Amazon, have used Matillion ETL to transform data in the cloud and achieve faster time to insight.


Matillion has become a staple within enterprises that need to compete using data for a few key reasons:


  • Unlike legacy technology, Matillion is cloud-native, push-down ELT. Not only that, it’s tailored to specific platforms to help large enterprises move quickly even with huge volumes of data and achieve fast time to market.
  • Unlike pipeline tools, Matillion doesn’t just move data. That’s the easy part of the job and the one that is becoming more commoditized by the day. Once your data is in the cloud, you need to make it useful by joining, refining, and embellishing it, taking it from a raw resource to a refined and useful product for analytics and other purposes.
  • Unlike hand-coding, Matillion has repeatable processes and visual tools that are simple to use and enable sophisticated business logic to be applied and understood by both technical and non-technical users across a business. Working with data is no longer the domain of a handful of data engineers. Matillion makes data accessible to the business analysts and data engineers who need it. 
  • No other ETL platform combines the depth of features that large enterprises require with true cloud economics: The ability to get started quickly, learn rapidly, and pay based on consumption, not restrictive vendor contracts. 


Built for the enterprise and the cloud


With this round of funding we will continue to improve on the ways that we support our enterprise customers and integrate with the leading cloud data platforms. And we will work to ensure that every data-savvy person can be in the pass rush to put data to work in their organization: 


  • Continuing to refine and extend Matillion Data Loader to ensure that it remains the best free pipeline tool in the industry for anyone working with data
  • Allowing data teams to move faster and do even more in the cloud with groundbreaking new products and functionality in Matillion ETL. 
  • Empowering users to connect to virtually any data source that exists, finally answering the question, “Is there a connector for x,” with a resounding “Yes!” once and for all. 
  • Helping data engineers, data scientists, and business analysts incorporate all of their data in analytics and decision making, from any cloud data platform
  • Ensuring that we have a robust library of training and customer success resources for Matillion users to help them become true power users of our products.
  • Building on the strong foundations of our partnerships to ensure that our alliance partners, consulting partners, and technology partners can all help enterprise customers take a giant leap forward in the cloud with data. 

Thank you to our investors and our team


We are thrilled to partner with Lightspeed Venture Partners, an impressive and established team who share our values and our huge ambition to be the premier data integration and transformation platform in the enterprise As previous investors in Informatica and investors in many market-leading technology companies such as Alooma, Nutanix, and Mulesoft, Lightspeed has clear domain expertise from which we can benefit. We look forward to welcoming Rytis Vitkauskas, Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners, to our board and working closely with him and his team. 

“Matillion has emerged as a preferred choice for enterprise cloud ETL and ELT solutions. While legacy providers are failing in a cloud-first world, Matillion has accelerated the broader enterprise cloud migration trend and redefined the standard for modern data integration and transformation.”

–Rytis Vitkauskas, Lightspeed Venture Partners. 

We are also thrilled that our existing investors – Battery Ventures, Sapphire Ventures, and Scale Venture Partners – will be investing in this round, deepening our partnership with us and sharing their valuable resources and expertise to help us grow even further. 

To our valued technology partners such as Snowflake, and our GSI and consulting partners — thank you for your encouragement and promotion of our product. And to my Matillion team, thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to our shared company goals. This is all possible because of your commitment to our values and creating a company of consequence. I cannot wait to see where this journey takes us.

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