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Matillion at Big Data LDN: The Lakehouse, Citizen Data Professionals, and More


Event season is kicking into high gear this fall. Even though we can’t meet up face to face, there is no shortage of virtual events with great insight for data professionals of all kinds, and anyone who works with data across the organization (in other words, just about everyone). Through the rest of 2020, Matillion will be at several events focused on bringing you the latest in industry trends, helpful best practices, and real-life stories of how our customers are moving their data and analytics programs forward. There are a variety of sessions in the works, as well as a keynote or two about the quickly evolving world of data in the cloud.


Next stop: Big Data LDN

First up, we’re excited for Big Data LDN 2020. As the UK’s largest data and analytics event, Big Data LDN is two solid days of speakers, seminars, product demos, and more. Taking place September 23 and 24, this year’s event is free and entirely virtual. Matillion is honored to be a Diamond Sponsor of the conference, along with Databricks, one of today’s strongest cloud data technology innovators.

At the edge of the new data frontier

The theme of Big Data LDN this year is “Explore the New Data Frontier,” an idea near and dear to our values and our culture. We have always explored the edges of the data frontier, first as a business intelligence company and then as the architects of an ETL product. We were among the first to explore business intelligence platforms in the cloud. Matillion was also one of the early adopters of Amazon Redshift and cloud data warehousing for business intelligence. And when we couldn’t find an ETL solution that did what we wanted it to in the cloud, we created our own and evolved it into Matillion ETL.


Today, we continue to explore innovative business models and data technology, including a free, SaaS pipeline tool, Create Your Own Connector in Matillion ETL, and data transformation that works across multiple cloud platforms, cloud data warehouses, and data lakes. In our keynote address and our four breakout sessions, we’ll focus on what’s next on the cloud data horizon and the best ways to future-proof your data architecture to adapt to a rapidly changing ecosystem.

Here’s what we have in store for Big Data LDN 2020:


The Lakehouse: How Did We Get Here, and What’s Next? (Plenary Keynote)

Wednesday, September 23 | 1pm (BST)

When you’re planning a cloud data migration, it doesn’t take long to discover there are a confusing number of products and design paradigms to choose from. Analytics infrastructure has come a long way since the Hadoop data lakes and legacy ETL practices of 10 years ago. Each new generation has built on the success and learnings of previous attempts and, in many respects, the best is yet to come.

In the Matillion Keynote, Ed Thompson, CTO and Co-Founder, will walk through the major infrastructure developments that have ushered in the era of the Lakehouse model. He and several special guests will share some personal insights from Matillion’s own journey, helping to unlock the value of cloud investments during the technology evolution of the past several years, and talk about an exciting new development which will transform your perspective on data democratization.



Accessing Data with Python and Cloud-Native ELT (Data Ops 1 Track)

Wednesday, September 23 | 10am BST

Among the favorite and most supported programming languages, Python powers many complex cloud applications today. It continues to grow in popularity in large part because it allows developers to quickly analyze and organize data, making it especially effective for advanced analytics applications. 


Mike Nixon, Solution Architect at Matillion, will share best practices for using Python to transform your data and leverage the full benefits of the cloud. He’ll cover why you should use push-down ELT solutions rather than traditional ETL models, provide Integration Examples such as Variables and boto3. He’ll also cover Remote Python and Serverless Execution.


Staying Nimble in Uncertain Times: TUI’s Journey to the Cloud (BI and Analytics 1 Track)

Wednesday, September 23 | 2:45pm BST

Managing the data of 20 million customers per year is a daunting task. Creating a centralized environment to run analysis across multiple brands is equally challenging. Introduce the uncertainty of a pandemic, and you’ve got a resource problem only the cloud can solve.

Hear from Kai Wolffram, Head of Analytics for TUI Hotels & Resorts, about how TUI’s migration to cloud analytics set them up to tackle one of the most unprecedented times in hospitality management. In this talk, you’ll learn about the TUI team’s journey to:


  • Find the right tools for managing their analytics data in the cloud
  • Deliver first results to the business within 2 days of implementation
  • Dramatically reduce time-to-insights across the business
  • Enable the flexibility they need to address rapidly changing priorities


Modernize Your Approach to Data: The Case for Cloud ELT (Data Ops 2 Track)

Thursday, September 24 | 10am BST

Modern businesses seeking a competitive advantage must harness their data to gain better business insights. When it comes to loading, transforming, and analyzing data, the cloud changes everything. ELT is a fundamentally different approach to pre-processing data, in terms not only of architecture but philosophy as well. Today, as much data, from as many sources as possible, needs to be integrated into analyses. ELT leverages the power of the cloud and the data warehouse platform itself to do data transformation at scale.

Join David Lipowitz, Solution Architecture Team Lead, to learn how moving from traditional ETL to cloud ELT can help you keep up with exploding data volumes, reduce coding and resource management efforts and help you become more data-driven.


Enabling Citizen Data Integrators through Improved Data Automation, Monitoring and Alerting (BI and Analytics 2 Track)

Thursday, September 24 | 2:45 pm BST

Enterprises everywhere are experiencing an influx of data-literate business users assuming more responsibility for data and analytics. Access to insights is paramount to their success. These business and data analysts, commonly referred to as Citizen Data Integrators by Gartner Research, are data-savvy knowledge workers that sit outside the BI and DataOps departments. They want to tackle data problems by identifying and accessing data sources for analytics and innovation. While this approach can ultimately yield faster time to insight, unfortunately, it also introduces challenges for DataOps teams.

Paul Johnson, Product Manager, Matillion Data Loader, and Jesse McCabe, Director of Product Marketing, will talk about the role of the Citizen Data Integrator and how improving data automation, monitoring and alerting can help reduce cycle times and improve the self-service and democratization of data.


Register for Big Data LDN

When you register for Big Data LDN, you’ll get access to the keynotes, the breakout sessions, and much more. And it’s free. We’ll be there, hope you will be too.