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Matillion at Snowflake Summit 2022: What a Week! Big Announcements, Parties, and More



Whew–we’re all back from the desert and all we can say is that Snowflake Summit 2022 was an enormous success, especially for Matillion. We made a few big announcements, including our partnership with Thoughtspot, our inclusion in the launch of the Snowflake Native Application Framework, and an investment in Matillion by Snowflake Ventures. We heard from some customers doing great things with Matillion in our sessions. We went to some wild parties and even threw one ourselves. As always, it was a week to remember. Here are some of the highlights:


The week of the Partner

Snowflake Summit kicked off on Monday with the Snowflake Partner Summit. We saw some of our valued technology alliance partners and consulting partners receive awards for their hard work (And we know how exciting that is, having been named Snowflake’s Technology Partner of the Year for Data Integration in 2021.) Congrats to everyone who received Snowflake awards this year!

Collecting partner stories

Monday also kicked off a few great days of getting to talk to our technology and consulting partners and have them share their success stories with us. So nice to see everyone in person and hear how they’ve been leveraging Snowflake, Matillion, and other tech solutions to do cool things in the cloud.

Aron Clymer of DataClymer told us how their group is working with professional sports teams–including the Las Vegas Raiders, Minnesota Vikings, the San Francisco Giants, and more–to help them bring data together to better understand their fans and provide exceptional experiences.

Aron Clymer talks about using the modern enterprise data stack to help professional sports teams drive fan engagement


We also heard from Ed Coronado at Wavicle, Jorel Digman from Pandata, and Ryan Tucker from Hakkoda about how they are using Matillion to drive better results for clients across all verticals from financial services to healthcare. And we talked to representatives from some of our technology partners, including Laura Sellers, Chief Product Officer at Collibra, Mike Palmer, CEO at Sigma, and Bhargav Addala, SVP of Product Management at Thoughtspot, all of whom talked about how their great products work with Matillion across a modern enterprise data stack to yield better data intelligence and insight in the Snowflake Data Cloud.

Partners and Pancakes

We rounded out our partner engagements at Summit with a successful Partners and Pancakes event at Hash House-a-Go-Go on Tuesday morning. We were blown away by all of the partners who showed up to overeat with us and hear Paul Lacey talk about Matillion and the product roadmap.


Paul Lacey and Dave Langton from Matillion laying out the roadmap for partners


Excuse me, we asked for the LARGE pancake.


Thanks to all of our partners for your collaboration and helping us deliver a better cloud-native solution for everyone in Snowflake.


Quality customer time

As the full Snowflake Summit conference kicked off on Tuesday, there were crowds everywhere, from the packed keynote presentation to our own Standing Room Only session with our enterprise customer Novartis. We spent the next two days spending some quality time with Matillion customers and hearing them share their stories in sessions, on the show floor, in meetings, and during post-event festivities.

Packing in the crowds at our Novartis/SDG session…



…and at the Matillion booth


Some of the highlights:

  • Novartis sharing how their new PRISM data integration and intelligence solution in Snowflake is equipping their US Pharma Commercial division with the insights they need to make the right decisions for the business
  • Slack talking about how Snowflake and Matillion are helping their data teams get useful and important data to business users in minutes instead of days
  • Western Union showing up all over Snowflake Summit to talk about how, even after 170 years, they are still innovating, now in the world of digital banking, with the help of Matillion. Check out this interview with Matillion CEO Matthew Scullion and Western Union Chief Data Architect Harveer Singh did with the CUBE about what Western Union is accomplishing with the help of Snowflake and Matillion:


Taking time to celebrate an exciting year so far

On Tuesday evening, we had a blast at our Matillion/Deloitte/Dataiku/Thoughtspot joint event at the Chateau at the Paris Hotel, where we celebrated our partnerships and our customers at Summit. Here’s a brief glimpse of the festivities:


Until next year!


Thanks to everyone who met with us at Snowflake Summit, and to our friends at Snowflake for putting on such a great event. Until next time!