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Matillion Data Loader: A Partner Perspective

If you’ve been on the InterWorks blog recently, it’s no surprise that our team loves Matillion and the simplicity it provides our clients when they embark on a migration to Snowflake. Matillion fits into the Modern Cloud Analytics ecosystem well, providing a simple interface that eases many of the pains that can come along with a typical integration project. Matillion normalizes the effort to integrate relational databases and API-based data sources, which are now standard on any data warehouse project. Matillion quickly decreases the time it takes to get value out of data sources. With the announcement of Matillion’s new product, Matillion Data Loader, we only see that number shrinking. 


Riding along on the data journey


Before we dive into the new product, let’s look at the progression of its core platform, Matillion ETL. Matillion has been consistently adding new features to Matillion ETL. Over the past year, we have seen Matillion go from an up-and-coming company looking to shake up the analytics industry, to a leader in cloud ETL tools, expanding functionality to support organizational rollouts and true analytic maturity. 


As Matillion ETL evolves, Matillion realizes that not all customers are at a place in their data journey to take advantage of every bell and whistle in its flagship product. Some organizations are just tapping into their raw data for the first time. Others have budgetary constraints and critical needs, meaning that an unproven investment in ETL may quickly fall to the bottom of the long priority list. Despite the growth Matillion has experienced in the past year, not everyone who looks to them for guidance is a good fit for a data transformation product right away. Some people need to start by just moving data from A to B. 


Understanding this need in the marketplace, Matillion just launched a new product and platform for those at the starting line of the data journey. If your organization is just starting to evaluate the world of cloud analytics, or if you’re just starting to explore the data you have, Matillion Data Loader is specifically for you.  


What Is Matillion Data Loader? 


Matillion Data Loader: Matillion and Interworks


For the uninitiated, Matillion Data Loader is a fully managed cloud pipeline tool that enables  organizations to move data from a list of source systems into a chosen cloud data warehouse (Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, or Snowflake). Matillion Data Loader’s focus is not on dimensional modeling or traditional transformations. Those core transformation components are the domain of Matillion ETL and remain exclusive to that product. Matillion Data Loader aims to offer customers a point-and-click interface to authenticate and begin syncing data in a way that is simple to use, and does not require the maintenance or configuration of complex ETL pipelines.  


Matillion Data Loader steps into the crucial role of assisting organizations in the first steps that come along with any migration project – moving data into the cloud data warehouse. To that end, the platform offers a suite of Matillion’s core connectors for relational databases, common APIs and ERP systems to the customer, all at no cost. While Matillion Data Loader is available to customers for free, it’s important to be clear about its intent: to get basic workloads running and migrated to a cloud data warehouse, not to provide a full enterprise transformation product. If you are moving extremely large amounts of data and contemplating data transformation, you’ll want to look at the full Matillion ETL product.


Use cases and connectors


Matillion Data Loader: screen of the wizard for Google Analytics


Matillion Data Loader comes on the scene and fits quite a few immediate needs. It’s not difficult to figure out how this tool can be used by customers, but a few use cases come to the front of my mind: 


  • Customers are looking to better understand Salesforce, or Google Analytics data outside of the provider portal. A lot of clients have Google Analytics or Salesforce, but haven’t used the data much outside of those platforms. They need to figure out what data they have. Matillion Data Loader is a fast, uncomplicated way to target that data and move it into the CDW without manually hitting the API.   
  • A lot of customers are looking to integrate raw data sources into a CDW. On many of the cloud data projects we do, we start with the biggest, baddest dashboard that people have. Often that’s sales, but it’s really whatever has high business value. We often need to prove out a process, then expand into a larger implementation and really dive into tools. With single dashboards being the goal, often that doesn’t require complex transformations and can be contained in one view. Moving the data is the most critical part of the initial lift. If we can start syncing data over immediately, and then start proving at the value immediately, Matillion Data Loader is extremely helpful.  
  • With a lot of customers, integrating sources into a cloud data warehouse during the narrow time window of a trial period is critical. While you can spin up an ETL proof of concept within a very short period of time, often customers have to account for organizational security protocols for setting up virtual machines within their cloud environment. Being able to register for a SaaS product and start loading data makes for a really natural way to make the most out of a free trial period from another cloud-based data product.


As mentioned earlier, Data Loader allows users to target AWS Redshift, Google BigQuery, or Snowflake as destinations, and provides a point-and-click interface to integrate data sources through pre-built connectors. Unlike Matillion ETL, which is delivered as a customer managed virtual machine in the cloud,  Matillion Data Loader is fully managed and accessible through, where users can create an account and begin building pipelines without any hardware or software to manage.


An easy choice for data loading


Data Loader offers a no-brainer solution for organizations to begin integrating data with the cloud data warehouse of their choice For users who start with Matillion Data Loader and whose needs mature, the company plans to offer a migration path to upgrade to the Matillion ETL. 


A clear roadmap to cloud data analytics


Through Matillion Data Loader, Matillion has removed the burden of provisioning virtual infrastructures or signing a vendor contract to get started with a cloud data warehouse project. Offering the ability to sync data sources to Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, or Snowflake with the click of a button makes the roadmap to cloud analytics easier to follow than ever. See for yourself: sign up for an account and see for yourself. If you need any help planning your next project in the cloud, reach out to the InterWorks team for guidance and support. 


Holt Calder is a Data Engineer with InterWorks who has seen Matillion grow over the years. Throughout his time with InterWorks, Holt has seen and delivered numerous cloud based analytics solutions for clients all over the world, and has seen organizations tackle this problem of building the right data team with the right skills.