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Matillion Data Loader and Matillion ETL: A complete data transformation solution

When we launched Matillion ETL in 2015, our goal was to create a full-featured transformation tool that is built for the cloud. Today, Matillion ETL is a category-leading ELT tool that gives you all the things you need to build out a cloud data warehouse. It supports you from end to end on a data journey: extracting large amounts of data from multiple sources, loading that data into the cloud, and transforming data to make it ready for analytics.  Matillion ETL fulfills a huge need for data professionals who require enterprise-grade, sophisticated data transformation to drive their analytics at scale on Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, and Google BigQuery.

But as we approach 2020, there are new needs around data, and a changing technology landscape. Make no mistake – IT data professionals still need enterprise scale and powerful transformation capability, and always will. However, at companies who compete using data, there is a new type of data user that doesn’t necessarily work in IT. These users may work in marketing, finance, and other disciplines across the business. They want to use data to find answers to their business questions.

A move toward data democratization

These citizen data professionals want a more democratized data model, where they have hands-on access to information and tools to generate insights with unprecedented speed and agility. Companies are readjusting accordingly: according to the Matillion/IDG Research survey, 87 percent of organizations with siloed or partially integrated teams have plans to centralize the management of BI and analytics.

If you’re a citizen data professional and you just want to get your data into Amazon Redshift, or Snowflake, or Google BigQuery, you don’t want a full-featured ETL product. You want an ultra-low-friction, SaaS-based product. At this point in the cognition journey, that’s enough.

Matillion Data Loader: Low-friction, high-performance data integration

That’s why I’m really excited to announce Matillion Data Loader, a new SaaS-based data pipeline offering that caters to data analysts and others who are focused on data consolidation in the cloud. This new product extends the Matillion platform to cover the needs of all data users across the business.

In just a few clicks, users can load data from popular data sources like on-prem databases, Salesforce, or Google analytics into their cloud data warehouse. No configuration, no need to build an orchestration job – ultra-low friction, simple data loading. You can sign up and launch in moments without needing access to a cloud account, and use the product without needing technical skills at all.

Two products for a flexible, end-to-end data solution

Though a data journey may start with the need to extract and load data into the cloud, that’s rarely where it stops. Eventually, all organizations will need to do more than just get data to a cloud data warehouse. They’ll need to transform it to make it more useful. IT landscapes grow more sophisticated, business rules grow in complexity, and the variety, volume, and velocity of an organization’s data increases. Companies need data products that can address both simple use cases and sophisticated analytics projects, and often both at the same time.

On its own, Matillion Data Loader delivers low-friction data loading. But when a business gets to the point where it needs to join and transform data for analytics, it can graduate to the full-featured Matillion ETL product. Organizations can use one or the other, both at once, or interoperate between the two. No painful migrations between vendors, or trying to wrestle two unrelated products that were never designed to work together. Matillion offers one flexible data integration and transformation platform that addresses multiple needs – on a single project, or across an enterprise with multiple use cases and multiple types of users.

Are you ready to bring your data into the cloud?

Wherever you are in your data journey, whatever your level of data maturity, Matillion can help you move forward – today and in the future.  If you’re just getting started in the cloud, we know how stressful and painful migration and data modernization projects can be. I invite you to sign up and get started with Matillion Data Loader for free.

Request an invitation to our early access program here. See how easy it can be to get your data into the cloud. And let us know what you think.

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