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Matillion Data Loader is Here! Start Moving Your Data Into the Cloud Today



In December, we announced the creation of Matillion Data Loader, a low-friction, free data pipeline product to help data analysts and Citizen Data Professionals who are moving their data into the cloud.


We set out to create a tool with an easy to use interface, low-friction set up and lower barriers to entry to support businesses’ goal to achieve data democratization.  Matillion Data Loader was designed to help anyone who works with data to break down silos and improve access to data in the cloud to help perform analytics, improve data availability, and fuel business growth.


Today, we are thrilled to announce that Matillion Data Loader is now generally available as a SaaS product. Simply register for Matillion Data Loader to begin creating data pipelines and loading data from popular data sources into Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Snowflake 

Moving Data Into the Cloud with Matillion Data Loader: Add a pipeline

Low friction, no-cost, powerful data loading


For data teams working with large data volumes, or business users dependent on data for daily insight (often in the same organization), Matillion Data Loader offers:


  • Pre-built connectors for popular data sources including Salesforce, Google Analytics, Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Google AdWords, and more to come.
  • A code-free, wizard-based pipeline creator for rapid time to value
  • An intuitive dashboard to monitor your pipeline runs and data volumes
  • Role-based permissions for multiple admins and users across the business
  • Notifications and alerts to keep users informed about the status of their data loading jobs

Matillion Data Loader dashboard on desktop

Matillion Data Loader and Matillion ETL: An end-to-end cloud data product portfolio


In addition to being the first Matillion SaaS offering, Matillion Data Loader is an integral part of an end-to-end cloud data product portfolio, as our CEO Matthew Scullion talks about in his blog about Matillion Data Loader. If you simply need to get data into your cloud data warehouse, Matillion Data Loader lets you do that simply and affordably. And when you are ready to transform your data to make it ready for analytics, visualization, or machine learning, Matillion ETL adds that powerful capability, taking full advantage of the cloud data warehouse to help you achieve greater simplicity, speed, scale, and savings.


Matillion Data Loader helps organizations move closer to data democratization, enabling citizen data professionals and data teams alike to have greater access to data, faster.


Get started today

Are you ready to get started loading your critical data into the cloud? Sign up today for Matillion Data Loader.