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Matillion Data Loader: New Connectors are Here, and More are Coming

Matillion Data Loader: this is a screen listing new and upcoming connectors


Matillion Data Loader: this is a screen listing new and upcoming connectors


We are incredibly excited about the launch of Matillion Data Loader and hope you are, too. Citizen Data Professionals who need access to data in the cloud are an important and growing part of the Matillion Community. Whether you are an individual or a data team moving data into the cloud, we hope you are getting a lot of use out of the pre-built data connectors, including Salesforce, Google Analytics, and more. 


The biggest question we have from users of the product is: When can we get more connectors? Last week, we announced that our Facebook connectors are now live in Matillion Data Loader. This week, we have more good news to share, with four more new connectors to help you add data to the cloud and more connectors on the way. 


Connectors based on your feedback


When we built Matillion Data Loader, we went straight to the best source we know to determine which connectors to include in our initial launch – our customers. Matillion customers told us which data sources they most commonly wanted to get into the cloud first. They also shared some of their most common use cases for Matillion ETL. Based on that valuable feedback, we developed a list of critical first connectors to include in the product.


That feedback loop has continued through our early release phase. Early Matillion Data Loader users are providing constant information on what features and connectors they’d like to see added. As a result, have these four new connectors, and we will soon be launching more connectors to help bring even more data into the cloud.


Four new connectors 


We’re excited to announce the four latest connectors for Matillion data loader:


Our NetSuite, Marketo, Elasticsearch, and Cassandra connectors are now available for you to use.


Upcoming Matillion Data Loader connectors


In addition to our four new live connectors, we are delighted to announce 12 more data connectors that are next up on our product roadmap:


Matillion Data Loader: These are the 12 upcoming data connectors

Soon you’ll be able to load data from Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, SAP HANA, Twitter, Eloqua, YouTube Analytics, Teradata, Intuit QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Pivotal Greenplum, and SAP NetWeaver.


Keep telling us what you want to see in Matillion Data Loader


Of course, we’re not done yet. We’re constantly taking in your feedback and using it to make Matillion Data Loader even better. That can mean more types of connectors that you want to see in the coming months, your ideas on improving the user experience, or how you think we can help make the transition to Matillion ETL for data transformation as smooth as possible. Your feedback helps create our products, so we’re listening.


If you have feature requests, let us know in the Matillion Data Loader Community. The community is also great for connecting with your peers, accessing how-to resources and technical articles, learning about interesting use cases, and sharing your own experiences and tips for the product.  

You also have the chance to influence our roadmap by filling in our short survey. We’d love to understand what you think of Matillion Data Loader and how you use it. Your feedback helps us to further develop our roadmap so that our products can best help you drive real value for your business.

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