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Matillion Data Loader Release 1.21: Editable Pipelines, Schema Drift, and New Connectors


It’s been nearly a year since we released Matillion Data Loader for general availability, and in that time we’ve hit some major milestones. It’s been great to get your feedback and evolve the product to help meet your cloud data needs. 

Which is why we’re excited to announce some key new features in Matillion Data Loader release 1.21 that will help you work faster when moving your data into the cloud and help ensure that your pipelines do their job smoothly and correctly. 


Editable pipelines: No more starting over


First, we’re particularly excited to announce an update that was requested from a number of users in our community

Table selections and configurations change. Unfortunately, that often means that you have to scrap the pipelines you’ve already built and recreate them to accommodate the changes. Matillion Data Loader now offers editable pipelines that let you alter your existing pipelines to accommodate changes, rather than having to build new pipelines from the beginning. This is a huge time saver for anyone who is frequently loading data into the cloud from a data source. 

In this release, several of our most popular pipelines are now editable, with more that will be rolled out in subsequent releases. 


Pipelines that adapt to changes


Similarly, schemas evolve over time, such as when you add or remove columns or the data type of a column changes. Without fixing pipelines to account for this “schema drift,” your pipelines will fail. Now in Matillion Data Loader, pipelines can now easily adapt to these schema changes and propagate them to the destination, without assistance from IT or the need to code.  

These “self-healing” pipelines not only save time, they significantly reduce the number of job failures and delays due to schema drift. Users can ensure that data continues to flow, uninterrupted, from source to target. 

Sync your data at any time


Typically, pipelines in Matillion Data Loader run on a fixed schedule that you determine. But let’s say an unforeseen event occurs in the business where data needs to be refreshed immediately. The new “Sync Now” feature lets users refresh data on an ad-hoc basis, without needing to edit a schedule and then reschedule it again. 

This new feature helps data teams keep data current at all times and remain agile when things unexpectedly happen (as they do). The ability to sync data as needed also comes in handy for a proof of concept. Syncing data without having to wait for schedules allows users to test Matillion Data Loader and the robustness of the Matillion platform quickly and easily.


New Connector: SugarCRM


This release also includes our latest connector, for SugarCRM, which enables you to bring customer and sales data from the Sugar platform into Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, or Google BigQuery.


Try Matillion Data Loader for yourself


If you’re new to Matillion Data Loader, it’s a simple, no-code way to get your data into the cloud. From the SaaS-based wizard interface, create pipelines from many of the world’s most popular data sources to your cloud data platform. 


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