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Matillion Data Loader v1.22: Snowflake and Redshift Connectors for a Multi-Cloud Environment


Matillion Data Loader v1.22 is here with some important new connectors and features to support your multi-cloud strategy and keep your pipelines up to date. 


Support your multi-cloud strategy: Snowflake and Redshift connectors






More and more organizations are adopting a multi-cloud strategy to support security requirements and ensure that they have the right cloud data platform for each type of data they work with. We’re excited to announce the addition of connectors for both Snowflake and Redshift that enable data teams to move data between clouds and cloud data platforms. 


With the Redshift connector and the existing Google BigQuery connector, it’s now easier for enterprises to migrate data to the Snowflake data cloud on a variety of cloud providers. Users can also consolidate their data on a single cloud, or leverage multiple cloud data platforms for a true multi-cloud strategy. 


More editable pipelines: Google Analytics and Open Exchange Rates



With this release, we are adding to the list of editable pipelines in Matillion Data Loader. The connectors for Google Analytics and Open Exchange Rates are now compatible with the editable pipeline feature introduced in Matillion Data Loader v1.21. 


Editable pipelines are a huge time saver for teams who are loading data into the cloud on a regular basis. They enable a user to adjust pipelines to accommodate changes in table selections and configurations without having to build a new pipeline from scratch with every change. 


Our list of editable pipelines now includes:




Google Sheets

Google Analytics

Google BigQuery

AWS Redshift


Sugar CRM

Open Exchange Rates

Bing Search


Look for several more editable pipelines in our next Matillion Data Loader release.


Start loading data into the cloud for free


With a no-code, wizard-based interface, Matillion Data Loader makes it easy to quickly start loading your data into Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, and Google BigQuery. Sign up for free and see how easy it is to get your important data into the cloud. 


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