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Matillion ETL 1.46 Release Notes








Want the very best Matillion ETL experience? Each new version of Matillion ETL is better than the last. Make sure you are on the latest version to take advantage of the new features, new components, and improvements. In this blog, find out about the new components, features, and improvements introduced in Matillion ETL v1.46. 




New and Updated Data Source Components 


Zendesk Component (new and update) 

Along with adding support for 13 new data sources (API endpoints), we are introducing connectors for two other Zendesk products:


  • Zendesk Talk Query 
  • Zendesk Chat Extract (Amazon Redshift and Snowflake only) 


To see a list of all the data sources supported in Matillion please click here.


Zuora Component (update)


The Zuora Component now allows you to connect to multiple new tables: Revenue Schedule, Revenue Event, Revenue Event Item, Revenue Event Item Invoice Item, Revenue Event Item Invoice Item Adjustment, Revenue Charge Summary Item, Revenue Charge Summary.


MindSphere Query Component (New)


Last release Amazon Redshift users could access the MindSphere component. Matillion ETL for Snowflake and Matillion ETL for Google BigQuery now lets you connect to MindSphere, a cloud-based IoT open operating system developed by Siemens. Mindsphere harvests data in real time and gives you access to that data through any web browser. Matillion ETL will support the Time Series, Asset Management, and Event Management API’s under the EU1 region.   

For more information on our Mindsphere component, read our supporting documentation.


Unpivot Component (New)


Using the new Unpivot Component will rotate your table and the columns will now become rows. This can be helpful as you are exploring your data with Matillion ETL and you need to ‘Pivot’ and ‘Unpivot’ data as you transform it. 


New Target Support


Salesforce Output Component


A number of Matillion ETL customers have a need to write their transformed data back out to Salesforce, to make sure their CRM system contains relevant, up-to-date data. To achieve this we now support Salesforce as a target. With the Salesforce Output component, you can move the content of a source table or view into a table in Salesforce. This is done using the Salesforce API.    


New Enterprise Components Features


Assert components (New)


With the new Assert components, you have the ability to, at any point in your job, validate the outcome of what you’ve created using Matillion ETL. There are four components you can use: Assert Table, Assert External Table, Assert Scalar Variable, Assert View. These components can be added to a job in Matillion ETL to provide unit testing to ensure that jobs run successfully depending on whether specific metadata requirements are met. If assertion criteria are not met, a job will fail—preventing time being wasted whilst also preventing unwanted changes to the data. In this way, the Assert components can greatly help with reducing the development lifecycle. 


Learn more about all of the Assert components here.


New / Updated Features


Recycle Bin


Avoid having to do a full EBS or GIT backup to restore deleted jobs with this new feature. Matillion ETL now offers the ability to retrieve and undelete files through a recycling bin. This creates a further step the user has to take before a file is permanently deleted. 


Amazon Redshift Control Shared Jobs

Since you now have the ability to create, pause, modify and delete Amazon Redshift clusters via the AWS command line, we are bringing this functionality into Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift through several shared jobs. This in turn, helps you control your Amazon Redshift costs.

Learn about how to manage Amazon Redshift clusters via Shared Jobs here.


New in Matillion ETL for Azure Synapse 


Since we released Matillion ETL for Azure Synapse on May 12, we have been working to develop additional functionality. In 1.46, users now have: 

Python Component (New)

Matillion ETL for Azure Synapse now includes a Python Component to help you write your own Python scripts. 


Window Calculation Component (Updated)

New components have been added to simplify access to these Window functions: 

  • First/Last Component: Use this component to partition your data and see the first and/or last value of your table.
  • Lead/Lag Component: With this component you can bring values from other rows onto the current or preceding row.
  • Rank Component: Make the best out of your data by ranking it based on partitions or values.


To learn more about these functions please visit our support site.


Full Release notes are available on the Support Site: 

Ready to upgrade to Matillion ETL v. 1.46?

For more information on how to upgrade, check out our blog on Best practices for updating your Matillion ETL instance.




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