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Matillion ETL 1.48 Release notes




Want the very best Matillion ETL experience? Each new version of Matillion ETL is better than the last. Make sure you are on the latest version to take advantage of the new features, new components, and improvements. In this blog, find out about the new components, features, and improvements introduced in Matillion ETL v1.48.


New and Updated Data Source Components 



Zuora Bulk Query component







You can now include deleted records in a query when the “Show Deleted Records” property is set in the Zuora Bulk Query component. 

Please see the Zuora Bulk Query component documentation for more information.



Create Your Own Connector




In release 1.47, we launched Create Your Own Connector so that you can easily load raw data from an API data source into your cloud data warehouse. Thanks to the early feedback we received from customers and partners, Matillion has been able to identify and provide the following improvements to our REST API functionality:


Extract Wizard

    • Import / Export for connector profiles is now possible through the UI and new API endpoints
    • The Server Migration tool now supports migrating API Extract Profiles (Query already supported)


  • Two new pagination strategies are now supported (1) Offset Based, for sources such as, and (2) Link-header based, which is used by Shopify and others. 



Query Wizard

  • Two new pagination strategies are now supported, (1) Cursor Based, for applications like Slack, and (2) Offset Based, which customers can use with SmartBear


Query Result to Grid component




You can now use a WHERE clause to filter results directly in the Basic mode of the Query Result to Grid component.



Updated Enterprise Components Features 



Assert Components




In this release, we have done some enhancements to the Assert components such as:

  • Auto-populate semi-structured data
  • Persist metadata values in Assert View
  • Google BigQuery – Array Type Values supported for Assert View and Fixed Flow


New / Updated Features and Components


Webhook Post component 




In this release, Matillion ETL has introduced a new Webhook Post component with the ability to “Manage Webhook Payloads.” This new functionality replaces a legacy workaround solution, giving users a simplified approach to posting notifications to multiple unique URLs in order to make other users aware of job behaviors. Your teams can easily receive notifications, when and where they need them, to automate dependent tasks and accelerate ETL workflows. With the “Manage Webhook Payloads” Project Menu item, users can set up templates that can be reused in any job further speeding up development. 

For more information on the Webhook Post component, click here.


Alter External Table component




With this new component, Matillion ETL for Snowflake users are able to add or remove files from an external table. This allows for better control over the external table source data. 



JDBC Incremental Load




The JDBC Incremental Load component is a tool that allows users to easily set up a Shared Job that will incrementally load from JDBC-compliant databases. With this release, Matillion has introduced some bug fixes and improvements to make this feature more efficient.


Click here to learn more about this component.



Materialized Views




New to Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift is the support for Materialized Views in the Create View Component. These provide a significantly faster query performance for repeated and predictable analytical workloads. 


This release also includes a new Refresh Materialized View Component, allowing you to update the view with any changes you’ve made to a table or tables.



Database Query and RDS Query Components




To follow Amazon Redshift’s best practices, we have updated the Database Query component and the RDS Query component. These updates give you the option to make the concurrency parameter dynamic rather than a fixed number. If you select “Absolute” as the “Concurrency Method”, then concurrency uses the absolute value you set in the “concurrency” property. If you select “STV_SLICES” as the “Concurrency Method”, then concurrency is a calculated value. 



Python 3





Python 2 reached its End of Life earlier this year and has been superseded by Python 3. As such, Matillion ETL will set the default interpreter as Python 3. This will affect any new components dragged onto a job but should not affect existing jobs.



Auto-delete old heap dumps





In order to save disk space on your instance, Matillion ETL has scheduled an automatic deletion of heap dumps older than 7 days. 



“Test” button in OpenID



To help prevent getting locked out due to entering incorrect details during the Internal User Configuration, Matillion has introduced a new “test” button in OpenID. This button lets users confirm that details were correctly inputted before restarting the server.



New in Matillion ETL for Azure Synapse 


New Orchestration and Transformation Components

In order to match the functionality of other Matillion products and to help you create more advanced ETL workflows, we’d like to announce the support of the following components:


Improved Functionality

Matillion ETL for Azure Synapse is continuously improving. As such, we have updated the following feature in order to provide more coverage:


Full Release notes are available on the Support Site: 

Ready to upgrade to Matillion v1.48? 

For more information on how to upgrade, check out our blog on Best practices for updating your Matillion ETL instance.

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