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Matillion ETL 1.50 Release Notes



Want the very best Matillion ETL experience? Each new version of Matillion ETL is better than the last. Make sure you are on the latest version to take advantage of the new features, new components, and improvements. In this blog, find out about the new components, features, and improvements introduced in Matillion ETL v1.50.  

In this video, Ed Thompson, CTO, Matillion, walks through the latest features in Matillion ETL v1.50.


New and updated data source components 


Intercom Output component (New)



Intercom is a customer relationship platform that allows companies to interact with their customers within their SaaS products. With this release, you are now able to extract and load data from Intercom with the new Intercom Components (Intercom Extract and Intercom Output), transform it and combine it with other data, and output it back into Intercom. This release supports endpoints for Contacts, Companies, and Data Events, allowing you to build a better 360-degree view of your customers. 


RDS Bulk Output component (Update)


snowflake aws button


You can now unload data to Microsoft SQL Server databases using the RDS Bulk Output component. 

To learn more about this component, please visit our documentation page.


Create Your Own Connector (Update)


Extract Wizard



  • The Extract Wizard now supports two new pagination strategies: 
    • Cursor Based, for applications like Slack 
    • Page Based, which is used by Tableau and others
  • The wizard now supports ‘bearer token’ as a distinct authentication type 
  • UI improvements to the authentication tab 
  • Users are no longer required to generate headers, as these now happen automatically


Query Wizard



  • The Query Wizard now supports two new pagination strategies: 
    • Link-header Based, for applications like Shopify 
    • Page Based, which customers can use with Tableau 
  • The wizard now supports ‘bearer token’ as a distinct authentication type
  • UI improvements to the authentication tab 
  • Users can now switch between summary mode and advanced mode
  • You can now find a Configurable Review screen at the end of the Query Profile wizard


Updated enterprise features 


Permissions Setting for New Users 



Earlier this year we held a Customer Focus Group on the subject of security. Thanks to the feedback we received from customers and partners, we’ve made some changes to how Matillion ETL handles permissions.  Enterprise customers can now choose the initial permissions group of a new user. Unless specified, a new user will have restricted access to the project by default as long as the permissions have been enabled. We’ve also introduced a new Global Access group that allows users in this group to have access to everything in the project.


New / updated features and components


Changing your own password



This new feature comes straight from our Matillion user community. As a result of discussion in the Ideas Portal and our Security Customer Focus Group, internal users can now change their own passwords without relying on an Admin user. This was a highly requested feature and we’re delighted to have your feedback incorporated straight into product releases like this one. Thank you to everyone involved for taking the time to co-create the Matillion product experience with us!


To submit your own ideas or upvote your favorites, please visit our Ideas Portal.


Recycle Bin improvements



Thanks to another request in the Ideas Portal, you can now find the timestamp of when a job was deleted while viewing the Recycle Bin. Furthermore, a new icon has been added to place the Restore option on each job in the Recycle Bin. This will help users easily decide whether to restore a job to its original place or delete it forever. 


High Availability support for Google BigQuery



We are pleased to introduce support for HA clusters in Matillion ETL for Google BigQuery. This is a great way to keep your workflows running and avoid delays when a server goes down in production. HA will also help with balancing your workloads between various servers and, in turn, run your jobs more efficiently. 

Reach out to our support team if you’d like to get this set up on your instance.


JDBC Incremental Load for Google Big Query (New)



With this release, we added the JDBC Incremental Load component to Matillion ETL for Google BigQuery. Google BigQuery users can now easily set up a Shared Job that will incrementally load from JDBC-compliant databases. 


Click here to learn more about this component


New in Matillion ETL for Azure Synapse  


New Orchestration and Transformation components

In order to match the functionality of other Matillion products and to help you create more advanced ETL workflows, we’d like to announce the support of the following components:


Product release notes


Full Release notes are available on the Support Site: 


Ready to upgrade to Matillion v1.50? 

For more information on how to upgrade, check out our blog on best practices for updating your Matillion ETL instance.

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