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Matillion ETL 1.63 Release Blog: Updated Source Connectors, Postgres JDBC Driver Update, and More


The Matillion ETL data integration platform continues to get better than ever in Version 1.63! Keep reading below for more details.

Summary of Release:

  • 2 Connector updates
  • 3 Bug fixes & Enhancements
  • 1 Feature deprecated


Updated Source Connectors

Google Ads Manager Connector 

Our Google Ads Manager connector has updated the default API to v202108.


Twitter Query Connector 

This connector fully deprecates the Twitter Ads data endpoints which have now migrated to the new Twitter Ads connector. For more information see details from our 1.62 release blog.


To learn more about these components, please visit our documentation page.


Bug Fixes and Maintenance

Postgres JDBC Driver Update

We have updated our Postgres JDBC Driver to version 12, migrating away from version 9.6 which is now end of life. There is no breaking change here. Matillion ETL users who are connecting to Postgres databases with SSL using the DB Query component will need to remove the ssl=true configuration parameter and replace it with sslmode=require.


Add taskid to list of automatic variables

The <taskid> variable is now accessible on the Matillion canvas for job tracking and parameterization. This allows users to correlate row-level changes to the Matillion run-history-details for better observability into which jobs and transformation logic created specific changes in your dataset. This improvement was proposed and highly upvoted by the Matillion ETL community.


Allow suspension of all Matillion ETL jobs on an instance

Matillion ETL now adds the ability to pause the execution of all future jobs via the Matillion scheduler with a single click. This is helpful for disaster recovery, maintenance, or migration scenarios when changes must be made to the Matillion server in between job runs. The accompanying UI allows admins to see which jobs are currently executing, paused, or scheduled for execution once the suspension is lifted. This improvement was proposed and highly upvoted by the Matillion ETL community.


Lineage Tab Deprecation

As previously mentioned on our communications, version 1.63 of Matillion ETL formally deprecates and removes the Lineage Tab within the visual interface. Please find more information about this change and suitable alternatives here.


Product release notes

Full Release notes are available on the Support Site: 


Ready to upgrade to Matillion v1.63? 

For more information on how to upgrade, check out our blog on best practices for updating your Matillion ETL instance.