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Matillion ETL Community: Now Available

Matillion Community launches

Matillion Community launches


Now more than ever, we need to connect with colleagues and peers across time zones and geographies. And we always work better and smarter when we have access to a brain trust of experts and product users. To facilitate these connections and foster productive networking, Matillion is really excited to launch the new Matillion ETL Community. The Matillion ETL Community is where innovation and expertise meet. Matillion ETL users can meet in the community to discuss their experiences with peers, share and get advice, join groups on relevant topics, connect with data-minded professionals, raise improvement requests and help influence our product roadmap


Discussions and groups


Historically, when Matillion ETL users have had a question, they consult technical documentation, blogs, tutorial videos, or an expert Solution Architect. Some have even leveraged third party sites to source information. We want to centralize all of this discussion. And we want to get your most pressing business and data transformation questions in front of Matillion experts. 


With Discussions and Groups, we are extending our support offering to include community-led support. Matillion ETL users implement the technology in real-life scenarios. They have experience and guidance to help with the everyday application of Matillion ETL. By asking the Community a question, your peers can provide first-hand enterprise-grade solutions for your production workloads. By turning to the Community, you can also reduce search time and turnaround time associated with traditional support. Matillion Community facilitators will be there as well to help respond and ensure that your questions are answered. 


Ideas Portal 


In addition to the Discussion and Groups, we are really excited to be launching the Ideas Portal with the Matillion ETL Community. Use the Ideas Portal to submit your feature and improvement requests to directly influence the Matillion ETL product roadmap. Once you submit your idea, our Product team will review it and respond to your request within 14 days to let you know any next steps. If an Idea is added to the Matillion ETL backlog, you can subscribe to receive notifications when the status changes. That way you have complete transparency into your requests and will be notified when they are added to the product. 


Join the Matillion ETL Community Today 


Your Matillion ETL Community brings together data-minded individuals to answer questions and learn best practices related to Matillion ETL and data transformation. Start a discussion, join a group, or raise a feature request to optimize your data transformation experience on Matillion ETL. Register today to get started