Now released, Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift version 1.18.5

  • Richard Thelwell
  • January 25, 2016

We’ve just released Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift, version 1.18.5. This release is jam packed with awesome new features, as well as a number of improvements to existing components.

The release notes are below, or alternatively, watch this short video for a tour of all the new features.

Click here for a video tour of what’s new

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New Components

  • S3 Manifest File Writer. This component adds all S3 objects matching a regular expression into a manifest file, ready to use in the S3 Load component.
  • Transpose Rows. Aggregate data into delimited lists, a.k.a. List Aggregate
  • “If” component. In an Orchestration job flow this evaluates variables to conditionally execute parts of the orchestration flow

Improvement to Existing Components

  • ‘Create Table’ now allows specification of identity (auto-increment) columns, primary kjjeys and sort-key style
  • Components that create tables (create table, rewrite table, RDS Load, Database Load) can now specify whether the sort key is Compound or Interleaved
  • S3 Load now supports the AVRO file format
  • S3 Load and Unload now support a master symmetric key for client-side encryption
  • Aggregate now supports an Approximate Count

Other new features

  • Many editors now support syntax-highlighting and auto-completion, including the Expression Editor.
  • User Defined Functions are now listed in the Expression Editor along with all the built in Redshift functions
  • Enable SSL between your AMI and the Redshift Cluster
  • Variable Exports. Each components can export runtime information into a user-defined variable. That variable can then be used in other components, including the new “If” component to direct the flow of a job
  • Support for DB2 in the Database Query component (subject to uploading your own driver)
  • Dozens of minor enhancements and bug fixes to components, memory management, performance and documentation

…Existing users can find out how to upgrade here

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