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Matillion Exchange is Now Available: A Marketplace for Shared Jobs

Matillion Exchange Now Available: Shared Jobs

Matillion Exchange Now Available: Shared Jobs


Want access to Shared Jobs that will accelerate business value, save development time, and help reduce costs? Matillion Exchange is now online!

At Matillion, we are always looking for new ways to innovate to build you the best data integration and transformation solutions. And some of the best innovations and ideas come from our own customers, partners, and ISVs. We are always speaking to our users and unearthing new functionality to make your job easier, both with new release features and long-term product roadmap items that align with ever-changing customer and market needs. 


Meeting bespoke customer needs 


Innovation for any company, however, will be dependent on available resources – whether time, budget, or expertise. At Matillion, we follow a market-driven development approach. We look to build and release features and functionalities that are most important to our customers. For example, when our customers asked for a way to further speed up development and reduce complexity, we introduced Shared Jobs. Shared Jobs allow users to bundle entire workflows into a single custom component, then re-use that component, rather than rebuilding jobs from scratch every time. 


This is just one example of how Matillion ETL is highly customizable and flexible by design to meet bespoke enterprise requirements. This flexibility also means that Matillion ETL has very few guardrails in order to enable the creative problem-solving that many of our customers appreciate. Pre-built connectors and our easy to use GUI support flexibility by making the product simple to use. However, without any templates or starting points, it can be daunting to get started for some users. That being said, we are continually impressed with the ingenuity displayed by our Matillion ETL user base and the ability to solve really complex data problems in efficient and intelligent ways. 


An exchange of knowledge and solutions


Our customers, regardless of where they are within their Matillion journey, have a common request: they want a way for all Matillion ETL users to come together and exchange Shared Jobs, to simplify data transformation, reduce technical complexity, and lower development overhead. Today, we are happy to announce the availability of Matillion Exchange, a free online marketplace where customers can upload and download Shared Jobs for free.


Reduce technical barriers


At Matillion, we are Customer Obsessed. We understand that your time is precious and you need to quickly innovate with data. Matillion Exchange is designed to help you work smarter and reduce the already low learning curve of using Matillion ETL.


Matillion Exchange hosts Shared Jobs created by Matillion ETL users that can be accessed, downloaded, and used in your workflows. Shared Jobs reduce development time by providing you with a template that can be edited to meet your specific needs. 


If you are new to Matillion ETL, you may still be learning the benefits of our ELT (extract load, transformation) design. Shared Jobs created by partners and super users for Matillion Exchange, with Matillion best practices built in, can accelerate your learning. Because they are pre-built and ready to use, these jobs can deliver immediate performance and speed benefits at run time. With access to these time-tested Shared Jobs, Matillion Exchange helps you reduce technical complexity without compromising flexibility, power, or sophistication. 


Share your expertise


For those customers, partners, and ISVs looking to showcase their expertise and contribute Shared Jobs, we want to give you that platform. Export your favorite Shared Jobs from Matillion ETL to Matillion Exchange so others can benefit from them.  Expand your professional network. Build your profile to share your industry and technical expertise with your peers. Get ratings and feedback from the community to help you further develop your skills. And, for your contribution, we aim to celebrate your success. For the first 30 Shared Jobs submitted, we will send a  Matillion hoodie to each contributor. And of course, receiving a five-star rating from other Matillion users is its own reward. Look for other incentives to come in the future! 

Connect with Partners


Matillion has an incredible network of Partners and Alliances that span all leading cloud data warehouses, industries, and use cases from data warehouse modernization to advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, ready to lend support to customers building a modern data architecture.  Many of our partners have contributed their own Shared Jobs to Matillion Exchange, enabling you to comment, ask questions, and engage directly with partners via the contact information in their profiles. 

Are you a partner interested in Matillion Exchange?


If you’re a partner and you’re interested in the benefits of participating in Matillion Exchange, head over to the Matillion Partner Portal to learn more.  

Ready to get started with Matillion Exchange?


If you’re a customer and you’re ready to get started with Matillion Exchange, register today

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