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Matillion IDG MarketPulse Survey: The Media Weighs In

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Last month, we released the findings from the MarketPulse survey by Matillion and IDG Research that examined enterprise challenges in sequencing, processing, and utilizing data.

The survey polled more than 200 IT, data science, and data engineering professionals at North American organizations with at least 1,000 employees. You can view an infographic of the results here.


The research, conducted in the summer of 2019, highlights the challenges companies face with their data management strategies. It also surfaces the importance of preparing data for BI and analytics teams. And it emphasizes why faster time to value for implementing analytics projects is becoming the main driver for migrating to a cloud approach.

Journalists weigh in on current enterprise data struggles


IT, data, and tech media outlets reported the findings to their readers, with additional context from analysts and data professionals. These pieces highlight the weight of the results, particularly around the growing data volumes and sources from which organizations are drawing. These results confirmed what many are already seeing as a common problem among data professionals.


Some data points appeared to be no surprise: for example,  90 percent of respondents have already placed some data in cloud data warehouses. Other statistics were more intriguing. For example, :that rapid time to value is the main driver for analytics projects, yet making data available for insights is a barrier for 90 percent of enterprises.

What are they saying?

Here are a few excerpts from the publications that covered the survey results:


“Among other data transformation challenges is that many organizations still have siloed deployments, where data is collected and remains in isolated segments.” – TechTarget: Data silos and culture lead to data transformation challenges 


“The explosion in the number of available data sources promises to be a boon to data-driven organizations in the future. However, data and analytics projects are being stalled by complex data environments according to 45 percent of those polled. An additional 38 percent reported that manual coding of data pipelines was a major obstacle, and 32 percent said they were having trouble simply connecting to multiple data sources.” – Solutions Review: Companies Are Drawing from over 400 Different Data Sources on Average 


“But despite the growing interest in CDWs, their adoption alone doesn’t address all of the needs of data analytics. Over 90% of participants responded that it is a challenge to make data available in a format that is useful for analytics.”- SD Times: Report: Organizations are struggling to perform business analytics on growing data volumes 



Want to read more?

Here are several other stories that put the survey results into context with some of the most widely reported tech industry trends:

Read the full report

To learn more about the growing reliance on placing data in the cloud, and what strategies companies are using to achieve the benefits of cloud-focused ETL, including automating data orchestration and transformation, read the full report, “Optimizing Business Analytics by Transforming Data in the Cloud”.

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