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Matillion Wins 2019 TrustRadius Top Rated Award for Data Integration


Who do you trust to give you honest recommendations about data technology products? Of course, analysts and the technology press are valuable resources. But no one knows more about what products work – and don’t work – than data professionals in the trenches. Your peers in the data technology world are the ones who put tools to the test. They know your pain. And they will give you the whole truth, the good and the bad. 


That’s why we are thrilled to announce that Matillion ETL software received a 2019 TrustRadius Top Rated award for Data Integration. 


What does it mean to be TrustRadius Top Rated? 


There are a lot of random awards and badges in the tech world. But an award from TrustRadius is the real deal. Here’s why we’re excited:


  • Started in 2013, TrustRadius is one of the most trusted sites for B2B software reviews. Each month, 400,000 B2B technology buyers rely on more than 120,000 verified reviews and ratings on TrustRadius to help them make purchasing decisions. 
  • TrustRadius bases Top Rated awards exclusively on user satisfaction scores from customer reviews on the site.
  • TrustRadius also verifies very reviewer and vets every review in a thorough, multi-step process. So it’s extremely difficult for vendors to game the system. 
  • Top Rated products must be in the top tier of the category with 25 or more reviews.


In other words, a significant number of our customers – and your peers – said in unbiased reviews that Matillion ETL does a great job of cloud data transformation. We have the trust and respect of data professionals and experts, from both small businesses and large enterprises, across industries. That’s something we’re really proud of. 


Kind words and thoughtful feedback from customers


Here are a few things our TrustRadius reviewers said about us:


“For us and others, [Matillion] primarily solves the need of loading and manipulating raw data from multiple sources and making it available in both Redshift and Snowflake. Additionally, the flexibility of the tool and its seamless integration with the complete AWS Services library allows us to perform many operational tasks that are completely unrelated to the ETL/ELT workload.”


“Great if you need a visual, customized, powerful data engineering and data integration platform that can do pretty much anything. I have yet to hit a situation that I can’t solve one way or another.”


“Aside from a lot of great integrations already built in, Matillion is well suited to connect to any data source with an API. This allows us to move beyond the applications which enjoy mass adoption and to pull data in from edge case sources.”


“When working with Amazon Redshift, Matillion is the best ELT software I’ve seen. If you have Redshift as part of your project, you should absolutely consider it.”


“If you want (an) ETL solution that you could deploy and start your enterprise project within few days then Matillion is your best solution.”  


It’s always great to get positive feedback on Matillion from our customers. But it’s equally important to get constructive feedback on what we can improve. Listening to customers helps us add features that make Matillion ETL even better: for example, Git integration and other new features in Matillion ETL release 1.40.


Thank you to our customers and partners who continue to support us and help Matillion products be the best they can be. 


See more feedback on Matillion ETL from your peers on the TrustRadius site. 


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