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Matillion wins Databricks ISV Innovation Award


We are thrilled to receive this award from our partners at Databricks. Earlier this year, we launched Matillion ETL for Delta Lake on Databricks, bringing no-code/low-code data integration to a lakehouse architecture. Users across the business can take ownership of their data, leveraging best-in-class data transformation from Matillion ETL to enable on-demand machine learning, faster reporting, and BI improvements powered by Delta Lake. 

According to a recent MarketPulse survey by IDG and Matillion, data teams spend nearly half their time preparing data for analytics. As part of that effort, 38 percent of respondents cite too many manual processes as standing in the way of analytics projects, and 36 percent say that preparing data is a significant barrier to getting analytics projects to production. Furthermore, data teams spend an average of one week preparing data for the typical analytics project – not including the data analysis itself, reporting findings, preparing dashboards, or any of the other tasks involved with sharing insight across the business. 

With Matillion and Databricks, enterprise data teams can create instantly shareable datasets between previously disparate analytics and data science environments. This improves the time to insights for various data users within the business because they can now take advantage of repeatable data ingestion and easily design and reuse transformations. 

The power of cloud data integration and the lakehouse architecture empowers enterprises to make their data useful through innovative approaches such as traditional analytics, data science, and machine learning – all within the same platform.

Databricks’ technology gave our team an exciting opportunity to support a pioneer in cloud data architecture. Receiving this award is a great testament to the work our team has done so far this year and a sign of all the innovation yet to come in 2021.



2021 so far at Matillion

In addition to our product release, we have been busy growing our business. We raised $100 million in Series D funding led by Lightspeed Venture Partners. We added 75 talented people to Team Green (and we are still hiring!). And, our product was named the Data Transformation Solution of the Year.

We welcomed new enterprise customers to our portfolio and helped them achieve success with data architecture modernization, improved reporting, data self-service, and data transformation for machine learning and other complex use cases, and we added even more capabilities for reverse ETL. 

The Matillion ecosystem continues to grow

Hundreds of users received certifications for Matillion Academy to help with onboarding and implementation of best practices using Matillion ETL. New self-paced courses include data migration, working with semi-structured data, and building a cloud data warehouse. Seven more courses will be released in 2021.

Software AG is now an official Matillion partner, helping enterprises modernize and simplify their adoption of cloud for data and application integration. We also expanded our presence in the Australian market through a partnership with our friends at Interworks.

Stay tuned for more innovations

At Matillion we believe that no person, product, or process is ever finished. Which is why we regularly update and improve Matillion ETL and Matillion Data Loader with dozens of releases throughout the year. To stay informed about all things Matillion, you can join our community, follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter, and of course, sign up for our events throughout the year.

To all of our customers and partners, thank you for the support in this first half of the year. We are ready to continue growing for the rest of 2021!