Is your Business Intelligence solution mobile? It should be.

  • Richard Thelwell
  • September 4, 2015

mobile business intelligence solution The ever-changing landscape of modern business – and the resultant challenges – have dictated the way that business intelligence and analytics are now being consumed. So much so, that Mobile Business Intelligence is no longer seen as an add-on benefit – but, instead, as a must-have feature of any successful BI project. If your business intelligence solution is not mobile, you could be missing out on a whole host of benefits.

Mobile Business Intelligence: Insights on-the-go

Users are becoming increasingly accustomed to accessing a range of business applications on mobile devices – and this is no different when it comes to business intelligence.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of Mobile Business Intelligence is that users are no longer tied down to a single location, unlike with traditional on-premise BI solutions.

The inherent flexibility of Mobile Business Intelligence makes it the perfect solution for business leaders and key decisions-makers who are constantly on the go. These individuals have access to the insights they need, without location being a restricting factor. Whether they are at the office, in the factory, or even on-site with a customer or supplier, they can access these systems to find the information they need – quickly and easily.

mobile business intelligence on-the-go
Mobile business intelligence provides access to insights on-the-go

With an increasing majority of business intelligence solutions now based on the Cloud, users can, of course, log in to these solutions and view reports via a secure browser, anywhere in the world, and on any device. However, Mobile Business Intelligence often means more than simply having the ability to access reports via a mobile web browser.

As vendors begin to advance their mobile offerings, users now have the power to drill down further into their data, create meaningful reports, and share these across the business, all in the palm of their hand.

Mobile Business Intelligence: Interactive dashboards

Even though Mobile Business Intelligence solutions are now more powerful and feature-rich than ever before, sometimes less can be more.

Devices such as smartphones and tablets lend themselves perfectly to more simplified, visually appealing forms of analytics, and dashboards are a great example of this.

In their annual BI survey, research organisation BARC explored the most common types of usage for Mobile Business Intelligence. They found that the display of interactive reports and dashboards had overtaken static reporting as the most popular feature of Mobile BI.

mobile business intelligence usage

Types of Usage for Mobile Business Intelligence (% of respondents)

Providing users with beautiful interactive dashboards, which can be accessed via mobile devices, gives them the ability to digest the key summaries of the information contained quickly and easily. This means that important KPIs can easily be tracked, without having to drill down into the data itself.

Mobile Business Intelligence: Increased collaboration

With the majority of business intelligence platforms now becoming Cloud-based, there is much greater potential for collaboration across the business. With Cloud-based Mobile Business Intelligence, access to these analytics tools is no longer restricted to particular departments, devices or locations.

Matillion BI allows you to access Business Intelligence and Reporting tools on desktop and mobile.

Traditionally, business intelligence tools were confined to IT departments, since IT specialists were the only people who had the necessary skills to utilise these previously complex systems. However, greater access to these tools means that front-line employees, such as sales agents, are now able to access insights on the go, wherever they may be.

With anyone in the business (given the right permissions, of course) able to access these BI tools, this allows cross-locational and cross-departmental collaboration on analytics and the creation of reports.

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