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New Connectors in Matillion Data Loader: Google Programmable Search Engine (Google Custom Search) and Couchbase




Another week, another batch of connectors for Matillion Data Loader! We’re continuing to add our most popular data source connectors to Matillion Data Loader, based on your feedback in the Matillion Data Loader community and other customer interactions. 


Matillion Data Loader is a no-cost, code-free way to extract your data from multiple data sources and load it into your cloud data warehouse or data lake. All Matillion Data Loader connectors have the same or similar functionality to those in our Matillion ETL products. 


Now available: Two more connectors


Once again, we are bringing additional connectors for Matillion ETL into Matillion Data Loader:



Google Programmable Search Engine


Google Programmable Search Engine, formerly Google Custom Search, let’s you place a customizable search engine on your website so visitors can search your site, with an option to search the rest of the web from your site as well. Now you can bring data from the Google custom search engine on your website into your cloud data warehouse with Matillion Data Loader. 





Couchbase is an enterprise-class, distributed NoSQL cloud database. It’s a common choice for data teams who need a highly scalable, affordable, in-memory database that enables easy application development in the cloud. Matillion Data Loader now enables you to bring data from Couchbase into your cloud data warehouse in just a few clicks.


Watch this space for more upcoming Matillion Data Loader connectors


We continue to develop and add new connectors to Matillion Data Loader and will have more to share soon. Check back here on the blog for more connector announcements. 


In the meantime, you continue to be our best resource for new connector ideas and Matillion Data Loader features.  If you would like to request new connectors or features, add it to our Ideas Portal. 


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